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weight + pcos

i'm g/c from due in nov, and just wanted to quickly post about what helped me conceive after 2 years.

i lost 3.5 - 4 stone... it took me about 6+ months... but that's what did it for us.

i know the docs always say to lose weight as it can help - BUT IT REALLY DOES HELP GIRLS!

hope this helps some and gives a few a boost to lose extra weight in pursuit to get their bfp!



  • hi i have pcos too n bin told to loose weight please can u tell me how u did it (eg wot diet) coz ive seen dietitians etc n i cant seem to loose anything im 25 n have had pcos for 4 yrs n dont seem to be getting anywhere fast i just wish my gp wud refer me to a specialist ive been on this long beaten track for 4 yrs now please i really need ur advice

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  • Hi Marialoue100

    I've just been diagnosed with pcos today however i have been doing the Cambridge diet, it is very strict and requires a lot of willpower but ive lost 3 stone in 3 months. Its not for everyone but could be worth a look on their website at least. You would probably require your docs consent (required if bmi over 40 or you have an medical conditions) but my doc signed form as i really needed to lose weight.

    Good luck xx
  • Hi
    I dont have PCOS but seem to have a lot of the 'symptoms' and am being tested for various things at the moment. I do however, have a friend with PCOS, and have been doing a lot of research and i have read, and anecdotally heard that a low GI diet is beneficial. I dont know the science but it helps you to regualte your glucose and thereofre insulin levels, which have been found to be linked to PCOS (people with pcos tend to be insulin resistant, which I think is what causes the hormone imbalances).
    Once I have completed all the tests I am going to try a low GI diet and see if that helps. The worst thing for me at the moment is achne, it just seems to be getting worse.
    I got some books fromour library today image
  • Hi Disneyprincess

    The Cambridge diet is the same kind of thing, it focuses on low GI too so that must be right enough x
  • Hi GIrls,
    I to have pcos and the doctor told me to diet as me and my partner are ttc.I have been following the Slimming World Diet and it has been excellent for me I have lost Three stone in the last four months.It is hard work but worth it in the end x
    Best of luck ladies xx
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