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anyone got a NON CB fertility monitor?

hi everyone!!

just wondered about getting a FM, but we really cant afford a clear blue one, even second hand..but i have seen that boots do one, which i think must be a bit less high-tech...does anyone have experience of these> are they just as good ...

i know anyone who has CBFM thinks they are fab, and i dont seem to be able to tell when im oving or when my af will arrive so i think this is the only way forward..


  • Hi there. Sorry to g/c but I am contemplating selling my CBFM if you would be interested. I bought it new and only used it for one month and got my BFP. I also have an unopened box of test sticks.
    Let me know how much you're willing to pay - might be able to help you out. xx (you should be able to email me)
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