8mo Tantrums - how to deal with them?

My 8mo ds can throw some real tantrums, Today he had 2 meltdowns - 1 because he didnt want to have his milk, and another because he didnt want his clothes put back on after I had to strip him down after he'd done a No. 3 all up his back and all over his clothes (sorry TMI). He will typically throw a tantrum for these scenarios, plus many others. It makes me quite stressed and anxious and if I try to calm him down by holding him he kicks and arches, and slaps and pinches my face or pulls my hair. Ive now got to a stage where I have to just put him down and walk away for a few minutes, but then he goes ballistic. Im worried that this will only cause more problems if I continue doing that but Im at my wits end as to what else to do. He has a right temper and can go into meltdown very quickly. This has been going on for several months.

How am I supposed to deal with it? What is the "right" way? I dont want to leave him cry it out but it's the only way I can keep calm and Im out of ideas - I dont want to make the situation worse though... will he learn to stop this or am I encouraging the behaviour by not dealing with it?

Please help! x


  • Have you tried sitting him on the floor and distracting him with a toy? Dylan is like Meme he is usually ok once he is picked up or at the minute if he gets what he wants which is usually to pull himself up on mummy and stand (not good when trying to change a pooey nappy and hard to safely dress him stood up too :rollimage but it sounds like Brody doesn't want to be held but still wants his mummy close.

    I also find singing and making him laugh helps, getting him dressed for bedtime hubby helps so he dresses and I entertain or vise versa its actually made it one of the most enjoyable parts of the day instead of one of the least.

    Although any tips for nappy changes would be greatly appreciated (sorry to crash Sim) but he tries to crawl away everytime and holding him down results in a massive tantrum!

  • Distraction! I have found that singing helps too. If she is having a particularly big tantrum I will grab her and run into another room going 'ooooo looooook at this' and grab something vaguely interesting which usually works. Or I just start to play games like tickling, spinning around with her etc which usually makes the tantrum fade into laughter quite well!

    Like dylansmummy it's nappy changes that are hell in this house.

  • he's just crawled off 3 times in 1 nappy change!!!!! I think im going to lose my marbles I tried everything toys singing dancing making him laugh nothing worked! Aaaarrrrrggghhhhhh!!!

    Sorry again Sim for g/c image
  • I feel your pain hun! I left Beth nappy-less for ages earlier as I just gave up trying to restrain her. Drives me crazy. I actually really dread her needing a new nappy now.

  • I was going to write this exact post, my problem though is that Brodie is 10 months and he just wants to pull up on me and walk but can only walk holding my hands, now I would do this all day if he was the only baby I was looking after but i have my nephew too who is only 7 weeks older and needs walked round using hands too. Anyways, the tantrums just get worse, and i sometimes have to leave him to calm down myself and return to him but i only lie him down and then go sit on the sofa so he can still see me.
    Anyone with a miracle cure for tantrums would be much appreciated as distraction does nothing with my LO!!
    Sorry to g/c!!

  • Just had a thought sim, maybe its to do with their names that they've got tempers!! haha

  • Shall we change their name Startbrite? :lol:

    Brody feels every time he is on the change table he needs to pull himself up. When i put him back down each time it descends into the kicking and screaming and beating his chest. I wish I could let him just go nude for a bit but it's freezing here being winter so that's not an option. Im so looking forward to the warmer months and he can go for it!

    I will try a few more distraction techniques. I just wish everything wasnt such a battle with him. It can take up to an hour to get 100ml (3 1/3 oz) of milk down him as it is!!
    And I will continue my breathing too.
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