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Looking for advice

Hi ladies, I'm looking for a bit of advice from you please. I'm currently on a contract at work (should've been 6 months but will be 18 months by the time it's up for renewal at xmas), I've been told that it is likely to be extended for another year but we've just got a new Head of Dept so I can't be certain. My line manager is pg & due in January and from what I hear she's planning on taking a whole year mat leave so I think I might be used to cover her leave as well. Anyway, what I'm wondering is do you think we should continue ttc regardless of the fact my line manager will be on mat leave when I would potentially be due or do you think we should wait and ttc when she comes back to work?! We are quite a small office (of women) and part of me feels bad for thinking about ttc when I know they would need to get a temp in to cover the workload but the other half of me is thinking that it's only a job and I need to do whatever works for me & my dh. Please help!! image


  • Hey hun, it's very nice of you to be thinking of your colleagues but I really think you should put yours and hubbys needs first.

    Who knows where you'll be in a few years time but can you really bring yourself to stop ttc? xx
  • agree with your last sentiment - it is only a job and you need to do what works for you and dh! Especially given that you are on contract with no guarantee of the extension now. Also you may not fall straight away in any case so I would say keep up the bding! Good luck hun.x
  • Thanks ladies, that's what I was thinking but I'm obviously just too considerate of others :lol:

  • i would say never change plans for work unless it is to your benifit ie maternity pay, would they stop TTC if the role was reversed?
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