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Hi Ladies, As you all know, I'm new to this site and I'm TTC! I have a lovely daughter who would be 9 years old and I want to TTC #2! I want to know what are some of you all's TTC methods if you don't mind sharing them! My hubby is out of town and will be back Aug 9 so this will be our first month TTC with more knowledge about the right timing! I've started taking geritol (I heard from a few older women that it helps with fertility) with orange juice, I got preseed and I have OPK's! Have any of you had successful pregnancies using any of the above? Your answers would be very helpful! Thanks in Advance Ladies as I look forward to meeting some of you!image


  • hello and welcome to TTC

    we used temping and the clear blue montior to get our BFP last time, we are now on no2 also but we are just using OPKs as i am tring not to get too obbsessed this time!

    good luck
  • Thanks PiggyPops! I too am using BBT! Although Hubby and I aren't actively TTC, I'm using this time to learn my body! How long did it take you to get BFP #1?
  • it took 11 months first time but my cycles where very long and i missed OV in 2 of my 6 cycles before my BFP as i didnt track at the time x
  • WElcome to TTC, I am new too.

    We are using OPK and Temping. I am also monitoring my cm (have done for the last few months before TTC) so can recognise what cm I get at what point. I keep a diary too of my cm, and how I am feeling overall, so allow me to help with bding. Finally, I am taking pregnacare and omega 3 supplements.

    In my last pg, I just took pregnacare and used OPK and this worked for me. It took me 3 months to get my BFP after a mc.

    Good luck
  • Hey Sevans! How are you huns?!! As you can see, I'm taking geritol with Orange Juice and I have some preseed! I'm praying that I'll be one of the few people who gets their BFP's on the first cycle! DH and I have been trying for a long time but didn't have knowledge of ovulation, CM etc! Now that I know all of this, I can't wait for him to get here! Aint no stoppin us now, we're on the move lol!
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