What happens when lo turns 1?

I have some real worries. My little man is 10 months old. He is still not eating 3 meals a day. Its not for the lack of trying as he gets offered food at mealtimes with us when we have ours but hes never really been a big eater since we started weaning. I don't know what more I can do, he loves fruit and veg but I would like him to have more of a varied diet and I am just a little concerned that when he turns 1, the situation is still going to be the same where he's still not on 3 meals a day.

I feel like its a catch 22 situation. I would have thought that by now he would have naturally dropped at least 1 of his bottles as he would be having a substantial meal to fill him up but he is still taking 4 bottles a day (between 7 & 8 oz) with a space of 1 1/2 - 2 hours between the bottle and food. He still needs the bottles as he is not eating food.

I spoke to my hv about this and she said its ok as he needs his milk more until hes 1 but I don't feel its ok. I'm a natural born worrier anyway and I'm suffering from PND which really doesn't help matters. I read a lot on here about babies having 3 meals a day and the food that they get given and I feel very reluctant to cook him anything because it will just get wasted. He very rarely takes anything of a spoon, he eats finger foods (mostly organix snacks, not good!!) and when he gets food to feed himself with he flings it on the floor. He has a baby fork and spoon that he can hold but the food doesn't stay on it long enough and basically he will not let us feed him.

Hope this all makes sense and sorry if its a bit of an essay but its really getting me down!!

Any suggestions are very welcome!!


  • Hello!Maybe you could just cut out 1 of his bottles so that he has to eat more food or instead of 7-8oz just give him half?I think I must have lived weaning dd1 in a blur because I just don't know how I did it and now dd2 is 12 weeks I'm thinking not too long and I'll be weaning her...better start remembering lol! Do you give him mushed up versions of what you eat or jars? I know that dd1 wouldn't touch jars so I used to give her what we had- for example at our weddng at 11 months she had a portion of the kids spag bol. I think variety is the key because its only then that they learn the tastes they do and don't like.HTH x
  • ILOVEMYGEEK2 just to answer your question, he will not eat jars and gets mushed up food that we have unless it finger foods then he will hold them himself (brocolli, strips of cheese, Organix snacks).

    Tonight for tea we had spag bol and put some food in his bowl, the food was big enough to pick it up himself if he wanted but also small enough to chew and swallow but still it didn't go down to well with him.
  • Our daughter would not eat from a spoon so was weaned totally onto finger foods, well what she would eat - she still breastfed several times a day until she was at least 16/17m ....

    i think its more the fact of getting the idea of eating food at certain times of the day thats important. learning the different textures and tastes. Elivia is now 4 1/2 and although of slight build (very tall at 128cm, yet just under 15kg....) she does eat full meals occasionally but still will really only eat the fruit and veg, with HUGE helpings of pasta or rice - which to me is the important part so you're doing fine!!

    whatever i make me & OH for tea she has the same but never same. I might make chicken curry say and she'll have the rice, and the chicken, and the veg and even the sauce if on the side to dip into but she will not even touch it if its mixed together conventionally.

    She is happy, and healthy and if she was hungry she will complain and demand something - she seems to eat alot more now that she has school meals

    Eventually it will all fit into place, dont see turning 1 as being the be all and end all - youre doing a fab job at being a mummy just remember the ones that are bragging at eating 3 meals a day, will have problems elsewhere, sleeping, talking, moving ect... - NOBODY is perfect! just relax hun!

    Big Hugs x
  • It'll come eventually, just keep offering the food and eventually he'll eat it. Don't get stressed about it as he will pick up on that. My niece was an incredibly picky eater when she was younger and at about 4 years old would still only eat macaroni cheese, tinned as well not even homemade! She now eats like a horse and will try anything you give her. My dd1 on the otherhand was a really good eater as a toddler and tried pretty much anything, now at 5 years old she is really fussy and won't try anything new!
  • If he eats finger foods and refuses a spoon maybe just put food in his bowl like you did tonight and see how it goes? It will probably be very messy and it may go on the floor sometimes or even all the time at first but let him play with it, whether he can eat it or not as if he's not eating much anyway your not starving him if he doesn't eat it.

    I don't know what happens when they turn 1 really as Dylans just 8 months, but your HV isn't concerned so try not to panic or worry about it.

    Dylan uses his hands to eat as he wont let us feed him either and much to my HV's disgust he cannot use full cutlery yet and I don't mean handle it I mean load it and eat with it himself! :roll: so maybe just allow him to shovel it in if he will?

    Try not to get too down hun, he may just not be a big eater and it sounds like your doing all you can

  • I have to agree with JENNABUMP - especially the bit about those who say about eating 3 meals a day! My boys love food, but dropped bottles far too quickly for their own good. They now have 2 a day, and have done since 8.5 months! This is not good and I worry about it, especially as they are suuffering from a REALLY bad tummy bug at the moment and drs tell me to feed them just their milk, but they dont want it! lol

    Also, they have only just started sleeping anything that resembles 'through the night' (currently 6pm - 4.30am!), they dont sit up (at 9.5 months) unaided, and are nowhere near cruising/crawling etc!

    We are born to worry, and will worry until they are old and grey!

    Also, I felt the same about when they turned 6 months and weaning. I told the hv how I felt and she said that nothing would change and we needed to go with what THEY wanted, not what their age told us they SHOULD want.

    HTH and try not to worry...just keep doing what youre doing xxx
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