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cheap ebay test, pinky line, but then it disappeared?!?!?!

hi ladies, i brought some cheap preg tests from ebay which say they can be used from 7 days after conception, i used one yesterday with FMU at 7dpo and a second pinky line appeared within about 3-4mins but then faded and went greyish, and when i look at it now, there isnt a line at all, has this happened to anyone? i did another this morning and the same thing happened...im really confused, i e-mailed the seller who said it could be a bfp but to try in a few days, so not much help! would an evaperation line be pink then go grey??

ashy xx


  • hello again,

    i think its prob worth getting a FR, they are so confusing, i never got a line until i was pregnant last time and never one that dissapeared
  • i wouldnt have thought u wud av had any pink in the line if it wasnt a bfp hun so whispering congrats xxx
  • I'd say try again tomorrow with fmu and if it happens again then go out and get a superdrug or fr test as they are the most accurate ones! Then you'll have a better idea of what's going on! Fingers crossed its ur bfp xx
  • right, not good news...tested again today with FMU and got nothing! not even a hint of a line! so i guess the other tests must have been evaperation lines! im soooo annoyed! :cry:

    ashy x
  • so sorry honey, i dont know what to put my faint + down to as i started bleeding early today,
  • oh piggypops :\( so sorry to hear that! was this your first month ttc after having your lo??

    ashy x
  • yep, first off the pill too x
  • hi this happened to me...i just got my bfp yesterday. i had been using cheapy ebay strips...then first test that showed any hint of a second line...it was there but only if you held it to the light, but then it disappeared about half hour later...i tested yesterday 2 cheapy one and one FR all a +...

    i would say if it was pink rather than grey its a bfp, test again in a couple days...this happened to me and the very next day i got FR very clear positive xxx
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