advise please........?

Hi ladies sorry for the daft question in advance but its all new to me!!
Right first of all I had a mc in march:\( and have been trying ever since, I tried the ovulation test sticks a few months ago but only ever got a faint however I got a very strong line!!!!!
They are only cheap ones from ebay but I am hoping that doesn't matter, anyway my question is what does it mean??? am I ovulating now or will I in the next few days?? any advise would be great as this is driving me mad, I have a five year old son but never done any of this when we were trying for him.
Thanks for reading look forward to your replies.


  • Lots of girls on here use those ebay ones and I think they are very good.
    From what I have read (i may be wrong) I think you will ovulate within the next 24 hours so get bd'ing.

    Change your topic title to OPK help and you might get some more replies. Lots of luck hun and enjoy ;\)
  • i use ebay ones and mine say a positve indicates ovulation in the next 12-48 hours

    good luck x
  • thanks both!! been trying to bd every other day since cd6 so hopefully have it covered!!! thanks again xxx
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