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Hiya, now I know that the first answer to my question is likely to be "take a test", but after 17 months of trying, and getting sick of seeing BFNS (and being too skint to buy one). My luteal phase has always bee n12 days, as far as the months I charted go (I haven't charted every month). Today I am 13DPO and there is little sign of the witch.

Having a few twinges, but they are different this month in that they are round my stomach area, and I usually get cramps in my back when AF is coming. Am on constant knicker watch and SSing like mad now!

Sooooo I guess my question is, can your luteal phase change and I'm getting my hopes up for nothing? Or should I be thinking about finding money somehwere for a test?

I wouldn't be testing until tomorrow at the VERY earliest, as I stopped testing early months ago image


  • your LP shouldnt change, however my LP is 12 days but this cycle it was only 11?? no idea why, it is possible that it could change but also possible you could be pregnant,

    good luck x
  • Thanks piggypops. Have you been charting at all? I've been using a CBFM and got my 2nd peak on CD13 this month, which was a bit earlier than usual, but I am going on my usual LP of 12 days to guess that AF is due today.
  • as it was out first month we were just using OPKs but i have my CBFM started today and i am going to temp this cycle too x
  • When i joined Fertility Friend, I'm sure it said your LP can change by a day either way.

    I'm only 3 months in and refusing to test until af is a week late because i can't deal with seeing anymore lonely single lines.

    FC for you and babydust!


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  • Thanks mummy-wannabe - know what you mean about the lonely lines! Think I have strained my eyes in the past looking for that elusive second line! I think I'm just getting my hopes up as it's the first tiem I have ever been later than my normal luteal phase!

    Will still hold out for a bit yet - I can imagine if it's +ve, I'll want to go mad on tests!
  • hi ladies no advise on lp as have not got a clue!! lol but just wanted to tell you that lloyds pharmacy offer a free pregnancy testing service!! just take in your fmu and ask for the pharmacist to do you a test there and then with results in minutes..... please check with your local lloyds first though as i am not sure if every branch does it good luck xxxxxxx
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