8dpo - implantation or af????

well its my 2nd month off the pill - last two cycles have been 28days and 29days. this cycle i used opks and got my positive on cd19, which means if i go by that im not due on till next weds but if i go by last two cycles i would be due sat/sun.

i had really bad cramps yest evening which i thought were trapped wind lol. they have now gone but when i woke this morning i have had light brown when ive wiped ()sorry tmi) and again just now.

Could this be implantation as im only 8dpo or could my af be on its way? if its af does that mean i havent had a chance for implanation?

any advise much much welcome - excited but gutted, dont really know what to feel image



  • hiya miss to mrs - are you sure youre 8 dpo - did you take your ov date from day after pks opl or even day after that (ie not from pos opk). Sorry, does that make sense? Was just trying to work out from your dates! Also, what cd are you? xx
  • hi

    it could be implantation, that usually happens around 5-10dpo i think? have you had anymore cm? 8dpo seems early for af to show...sorry i cant be of much help.

  • seems too early for af so might be implantation, fingers crossed hon xx
  • Sounds promising! 8dpo does seem a bit too early for af.
    With dd I had a bleed and tested 4 days later and got a very strong positive.
    I would wait about the same time & see what happens and do a test.
    Good luck!!
  • well i started my ovulation sticks 2 days after my last period ended, and carried on until 2days after my 1st postivive, i got a positive last weds and thurs cd 19and 20, worked out my po dates starting 1dpo on the cd20 then if that makes sense.
    ive been in and out of the toilet all day (girls in work must think ive got a problem lol) and only once about luch time i had a tiny bit of pinkinsh cm but again nothing since.
    im on cd 27 today????
    feeling v.confused now xxxxx
  • implantation can occur 6-10 days after ovulation, i would wait a couple more days and then if your still not having a heavy bleed do a test!
    fingers crossed xxx
  • will do i havent had anything all day exept for the tiny bit of pinky cm, and the 1 wipe i did this morning.
    if this is the dreaded af does that mean that there is something wrong with the length of my luteal phase?? xxx
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