Changing bags - what have you got?

Hi Mummies

I have a Radley Baby bag as my changing bag and it just about fits everything in for the girls (I have streamlined what I carry!) but it's really bugging my that it has no zip, just a flap over. I have my buggy in carrycot mode at the moment and have to stuff the changing bag into the basket, it's a tight squeeze and has to go in sideways so I am considering buying a new bag that zips so things stop falling out all over the place!

I love the Lin and Leo bags but not sure I can justify the expense (although I could be persuaded)

What changing bag do you have? xx


  • Hi

    I have Lin & Leo. It is a lovely bag, very big and roomy. They are expensive thankfully my mum bought mine for me. However there is no way I could get mine in the basket of my pushchair which is a bit of a pain
  • i wanted a radley baby bag and dh said no (pre pippa i was a bit of a readley oholic) but he bought me a pink linning (yummy mummy) bag for my birthday and i love it. I can just about squeeze everything in, although we use reusable nappies so they do take up a bit more room. Can't fit mine in tha basket either as it's still in pram mode, but think it will when i convert it into a pushchair
  • Hi

    I have the Lin & Leo bag in raspberry leather and it looks lovely! I have 3 little ones and it fits loads in when I use it, which isn't often enough to justify the money I spent on it!

    I am actually putting it on ebay this week so if you'd like first refusal before I do then you're welcome to email me. It's less than 6 months old, it has a bit of scuffing to the bottom outside corners and on the bottom but that's it. It comes with the changing mat which I have never used. I paid ??149 for it but looking for ??80.

    I also have an OiOi hobo bag and that's quite roomy too but I can't fit as much in as the L&L. I BF my youngest so if I had to fit bottles in I don't think I'd manage

    Sorry for crashing with something to sell!

    Kelly x
  • The new radley baby bag is the same price as yummy mummy ones and the meduim one has zip on the top! I am looking at them now as only have the free boots one and the one with the travel system! Not sure which size would be best! The flapover on the larfe one wouldn't bother me as my current one is like that anyway!
  • i have the baby k one by mylene class i love it but it has the same problem as yours no zip but i bought the buggy clips from ebay to attatch it to the handle of my pram properley
  • I've got this but darker brown
    my mum bought it me for my 30th when I was pregnant with Barney. I love it, it's plenty big enough, even with our cloth nappies, and will fit on the back of both our Bugaboo and Phil and Ted's. I had a Oioi Messenger bag before that which I liked, but it wasn't big enough to cope with two lo's
  • If you have any kind of addiction to changing bags then DO NOT look at this link :lol:
    Don't say I didn't warn you, they have some seriously lovely bags.
  • I have

    - I know there isn't much space in the bag when the changing mat is in there - but I don't carry the mat so find there is oddles and oddles of room, the mat has always lived under the raincover on the basket lol x

    I got this one, it is great for one baby, but it s not gonna be enough for 2 babies :P
  • i have a babybing bag which can easily house all the things i need with 2 toddlers and a baby but has so many pockets somrtimes it takes me an earth to find what i'm looking for lol x
  • oooh i LOVE Cath Kidston fabric LilMrsAverage!!! The Cowboy print bag was my choice if i had another boy but because i had a girl i went for my dream of having a Pink Lining (Yummy Mummy) changing bag and i LOVE it, i have enough space for a change of clothes for my toilet trained 3 year old, nappies/wipes/nappy bags for Molly, change of clothes for Molly plus i usually just stick my purse, make up bag phone etc in there too.

  • I have this pink lining one I LOVE IT!!

    Its so roomy and there is a change mat and a bag for wet stuff/dirty clothes to keep it all away from the rest of your stuff! Its even got a mirror attached to a stap in there which sold it for me image Its so girly a vast improvent from the boring black one we had from mothercare. xx
  • I have ordered the large radley one! Yay!! Found it for ??64 on fiore direct! Bargain!
  • i have the free one from boots parenting club, does what it's supposed to do and is plain black so dopesn't look bad, and OH doesn't mind being seen with it xx
  • I've just ordered the same one as CraftyCharli - pleased to hear it'll do two babies as hubby won't be impressed if I don't get good use out of it (we don't even have no.2 on the way yet!).

    I love the Lin and Leo ones too- my cousin has one and it's lovely, and doesn't look too changing bag like.

    Definitley go for one with a zip though - that's why I wanted a new one as lo just empties my bag out all the time now!
  • i just have a wee childs ruck sack from mackays that is blue and says 'thats it i'm off to grandmas' it usualy is big enough for what i need but if we are out all day i do have to take a few extras like food in a seperate bag usually my mini ikea cause it has long straps. both fit comfrotably in buggy basket.
  • Ive been searching for a Radley baby bag, has anyone bought one from fioredirect
  • I've got the lin and leo in tan. LOVE it, so classic!!! I like to think of it as an investment!! image
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