BFN at 10DPO, chances of BFP?

hi ladies,

im 10 dpo and have been using ebay cheapy tests that can detect pregnancy from 7 days after conception with FMU from 7dpo, all BFN (though the first two had pink lines but they dissapeared so think that was an evaparation line...) so what are my chances of a BFP, is it likely im out this month? with my son i got my bfp at 10dpo but i hadnt tested any earier so may have got bfp sooner last time...hmmmm

ashy x


  • hi ashy, i posted something similar the other day. Im now 14 dpo and neg test and waiting for af today.
    I think youre always in with a chance still. In fact, i just looked up negative test at 14 dpo and theres still an 8 % chance you can go on to get a pos test at even 14 dpo! I never realised that before. Good luck xxx
    ps i have also heard bad things about the ebay cheapies where some women have had negs on them but pos on other tests x
  • thanks ladies, iv just been having some strange twinges in my right ovary area, could that be a good sign? think im going to buy a FR when i go into town to use in the morning. i just didnt want to spend loads of money on tests, if there isnt much chance of a bfp now...

    ashy x
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