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I'm out ;0(


It's our 4th anniversary today, and after some vigourous celebrations this morning, af truly arrived in style - a full week early, complete with cramps and tears ;0(

now im confused, after steadfast 33 day cycles for as long as I can remember, this month was 26 days....WTF?!?!?

I think my present to myself should be a cbfm lol...

I feel pants...

The upshot I guess is that ov will be a bit sooner in august...I'm seriously clutching at positive straws here!!



  • hi shirls, if youre that early, it could be implanation?? x
  • Hey hun, me too. Got my usual indicator of af's imminent arrival.

    I'm feeling pretty pants as well... Still, no other way but on to August xx
  • sorry to g/c but are you sure its not implantation?
    i got cramps and blood about 4-5 days before af was due and i got my bfp 2 days later on a cbd
    gd luck and happy anniversary xx
  • Oh hun im so sorry she found you early!
    Im glad to hear that you are trying to be positive about next month though and as you say if you are ov earlier uve not got as long to wait!! Good luck xxx
  • Thanks for the replies girls, you guys always make me feel better!

    Pretty sure it's af, there was a lot, and it was bright red (tmi)... Didn't think implantation would be that heavy?

    Had my tears, poor oh doesn't know what to do with me lol!

    Onwards and upwards... It WILL happen... When it's meant to ;0)

  • It's infuriating isn't it?!! I keep trying to take a very relaxed approach to the whole tihng, but the more time passes, it just gets me so irate! Good luck girls, I'm sure we will all get our bfps soon enough (almost typed bfgs then!) xx
  • Well I'm truly confused now... Nothing on tampon (sorry lol), and nothing when I wiped! I wish the witch would just stop playing with me!!!
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