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TMI but help what to do!

tested +ve on an opk on sunday so hubby and i bd, sunday, monday & wednesday.

all week i have been very dry down there, but just now i went to the loo and i have a lot of white cm!!
its quite stretchy (gross i know sorry) so i am thinking its ewcm, if so then was my opk wrong?
we havent bd today so i am panicking, when you get ewcm does that mean you are ovulating or about to ovulate?
we bd yesterday and monday so there should be sperms ready and waiting but im panicking now that i am going to miss my egg!
if we bd tomorrow would this be too late?
why would i get a +ve on an opk and not ovulate until today?

ahhhhhhh i'm going to be so annoyed if we miss it this month!



  • i cant see how you would get a false positive on an opk???? i would say youve covered itimage good luck xxx
  • i know i was thinking the same but then why have i been so dry?
    i just dont get my body sometimes, it never seems to play by the rules!
    if i got my +ve on sunday and its 12-36 hours to ovulation then i should of ovulated on wednesday by the latest.
    why have i got cm now?
    grrrrrrr im in bloody work until 11pm so no chance of bd, hubby will be asleep when i get home!
  • If i remember ready rightly sometimes sperm thats been up there ( sorry sounds gross! ) can come out the next day or even later and it can be mistaken for ewcm. Cannot remember where i read this but i defo read it somewhere!!!
    So your + opk would be correct and maybe thats what the ewcm is your getting now.
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