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Moving up nursery class - sleeping concerns

DD is 16 months and her nursery is planning on moving her from the baby room to the toddler room in September; they havent moved her earlier as she is a very sensitive child and thought the toddler room would be too boistrous (sp) at the mo; in september most of the older toddlers move up a class so she'll be one of the bigger ones.

Anyway in the toddler class they dont have cots to nap in like in the baby room, they use almost like mattresses on the floor (still in a seperate room though) and said that they always have a staff member in the room with them if a child is napping.

I am concerned for 2 reasons though, firstly dd wont sleep if someone else is in the room. She does the same at home, as soon as she's laid down you have to leave the room otherwise she just wants to play with you. And secondly her cotbed at home still has the sides on as shes a sleeping acrobat and so i'm worried she wont stay on the beds in nursery.

I spoke to nursery and they didnt seem concerned, just said she'll probably adjust no problem and the staff member will watch to ensure they dont fall off the mat. Its not put my mind at ease though and i'm wondering if I should take the sides off her bed now at home to get her more used to sleeping in a bed with no bars before she moves class ??

What do you think ?


  • Hiya

    I'm in a similar situation to you with nursery. As you know, Daisy-Mae is the same age as Charlotte... She won't move up a room yet as they stay in the baby room for longer..

    But, they do start to sleep them on mats quite soon. Daisy is a nightmare sleeper at nursery (although an amazing sleeper at home!!) and I am worried about moving her onto the mats..

    I personally won't be taking the sides off Daisy's cot until I absolutely have to - hopefully, she'll be well over 2 by then! I'm hoping that Daisy will just come to understand that they do it differently at nursery and that she still does the same thing at home. I think she's pretty switched on in that respect and I bet Charlotte is too!

    C x
  • Hi hun, When I first looked round Evie's nursery she'd be going into the toddler room where as you mentioned, they sleep on mats on the floor all together. Now, when I saw these mats and was told thats where she'd sleep I burst out laughing and looked at them like they were utterly crazy.

    I did not like the idea one little bit, it didnt look comfy or cosy, and I did not think for a split second Evie would go to sleep. I was actually quite rude to them and said "good luck - she won't sleep on there"

    They reassured me she would, and that she'd copy the other kids. When she had her first trial day - well, I wasn't laughing at them anymore when I picked her up to find her flat out snoring her head off tucked up with some other children... on said mats!

    Evie even talked about it like it was something quite cool, that she'd slept on the mats with the other boys and girls.

    They never did have any problems with her sleeping, and I had to eat my words well and truely!

    So, I'd not worry if I were you

  • Lily is about to move to the 2-3 room at nursery and they are now encouraging her to sleep on a mat on the floor - they nap in cots or pushchairs at the min. They said she was fine the other day. She lays on the mat with her muslin and her key worker sits with her and the other children until they nod off. xx
  • our nursery does this too and my little one adapted quite well, they have staff in there too and he normally doesn't have me in the room at home, still in cot etc but does fine in nursery. I personally think they know the difference between home and nursery and just adapt.
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