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I was wondering if any of you could give me any tips on how to get Adam to relax? Especially when he's in his cot at bedtime/naptime?

We have a nice, calm bath-bottle-bed routine in place and he can be lying in my arms like a lump of lead (awake), but as soon as he goes into his cot, he thrashes his arms and legs around and seems totally unable to lie still and relax. He ends up really frustrated because every time he starts to drop off he starts rubbing his eyes/face or kicking the bars of the cot and waking himself back up :roll:

We used to swaddle him (which was fab!) but I'm reluctant to start again at 5.5 months, even though I know it would solve the problem immediately!

Is there anything I can do?



  • Reece has this issue a bit too at the moment i am still bfing him to sleep, he will a lot of the time go down semi awake more often than not he 'pulls' him self out of tyhis slumber by kicking his legs etc etc and really thumping his head hard to either side (he just did this half an hour ago and it meant I had to refeed him over to sleep - pain in the bum lol my ds1 used to shake his head to try and stay awake but he just grew out of it so hopefully this will happen soon lol (my ds2 is almost 22 weeks so not a big age difference either x)
  • Emily is like this as well, her dummy usually works to relax her, sometimes she also needs a little gripe water just to relax her tummy, she is still a little windy!

    Have you tried baby massage? If you use a really relaxing scented oil like lavender it might help him relax enough to settle in his cot. Another thing could be to use a relaxing room spray or something? Just a little might be enough to send him off?

  • I was just about to suggest baby massage! The few times we have done it with Niamh she has settled really well after wards!

    Is there anything soft you could put around the bars of the cot in case it is the hardness of the bars waking him up when he catches them?

  • should have said i do bedtime routine upstairs at 6 feed, bath, baby massage feed then bed all for 730 (if it goes to plan lol)
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