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boy or girl 8 TTC girls, 4 TTC boys, 5 TTC twins!

I thought I'd start a thread that had nothing to do with knicker watching, cervix feeling, temperature monitoring or weeing on anything! since that's what I spend most of my time doing these days!

Now I know that the standard response is 'I don't care whether it's a boy or a girl as long as it's healthy' but is there anyone who wants a boy or a girl?

I would really like another girl (11 years old now!) but I think that this is mainly because I find it hard to imagine myself with a boy!:\)

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  • I want a B+G twinset!!!! but failing that I want a girl - if it's a boy I'll put a note on here for who wants a free boy :lol:
  • I've always wanted boy and girl twins. I think naming a girl is loads easier! But hubs wants a boy. x
  • I really want a boy. I am not a girly girl and think I would be more "comfortable" with a boy. But if I do have a girl I will still be happy! As long as baby is happy and healthy, that's whats important.
  • Another boy would be very practical as know what to expect and have all the clothes etc...but a girl would also be lovely as she would have a big bro to look out for her and I could do all the pink stuff lol...

    sorry not really answered the question...
  • A Little Girl for me plz i have a 4 year old son already who loves to pick his nose,smash vases with his football and watches endless amounts of Ben10 lol.
    However he is my little monster and a brother or sister would be great for him but yes a girly girl would be nice xx
  • When I had my first I really wanted a girl but had a boy. I can honestly say I'm glad I had a boy and wouldn't change anything but if I'm lucky enough to concieve again I would like a girl so I've got one of each. xx
  • I have a little boy, and he has been such so fantastic through all the stages (even the terrible twos) he is so loving, caring, kind and sensitive so i'd be more than happy to have the same again. But after a long 9 months of ttc i'd be happy with either, lol xxx
  • i would love to have a little boy but either is fine i have 2 girls just on month 26 now so here to just getting PG if i coulod i would love to have twins boy and girl lol
  • If I was completely honest I think I'd say a little girl for me but I know OH wants a son! As long as I eventually get to have a baby though I'm not too fussed :lol:
  • I've got a little boy I love to bits and always imagined myself with 2 boys but I've got 3 sisters and I love the fact that my mum has got 4 really good friends now we're all grown up so a little girl would be lovely, and we can only agree on a girl's name too haha if that matters. Also my husband only wants 2 children (mad fool) so I'm actually hoping for twins hahahaha he goes mad when I say that girl boy twins would be amazing
  • g/c from pg but mrs broodypops i am so glad its not just me suffering with hours of ben 10! my 5 year old is obsessed and even records them on sky plus!! drives me crazy. if hes not watching it hes running around playing aliens!!! grr!!

    i would love a little girl to feel complete but i can honestly say that as long as baby is healthy a boy will be just as amazing.
    only 3 weeks 5 days till i find out!! lol

    lots of baby dust to all
  • i have got my little 9 month princess so tbh i dont actually mind at all this time!! another girl would be nice as we have all the stuff, but a little boy would be lovely too as then have one of each!

    twins are in the family but i wouldnt ask for them!! hard hard hard work!!!
  • ive got two little boys of my own, 5 and 3, so id love to have a girl, but after tryin for a while, i dont mind, cos this baby will be my first with my partner so dont really mind as long as the baby is healthy which is the main thing, but would be lovely to have a girl image xx
  • I would love twins, one of each. but if I dont have twins would love a girl. Ive got a son and hubby is desperate for a little princess
  • A little boy would be fabulous, we have an 18 month old daughter and one of each would be amazing xx
  • I'd love another boy but i already have 2 boys,twin girls and boy/girl twins so not fussy :lol:
  • I have a 18 month old DD and would love a boy next time image

    I would love one of each

    Gem x
  • when i was pregnant, i said that i thought a boy would be easier coz i dont know how to be pink and girly! we were very lucky to end up with a very healthy, boisterous little boy and its fab!! now that we're ttc again, i would love to have another little boy. having logan has made a little worried that i wouldnt know what to do with a girl, so i dont particularly want one lol
  • we have a boy so a girl would be lovely, but a boy would save hubby lots of pennies :lol:
  • We have a lovely little girl already and it's just as well that I have absoloutely no say in the sex of our next child as it changes on a daily basis!!! I've always wanted 3 girls for some reason but after an awful pregnancy and birth with Ruby, and now 2 mc and still trying after 15 months for baby 2, I can honestly say that any baby would be an absoloute miracle and i'd love them completely before knowing the sex.
    I never understood that until recently as thought that everyone must want one over the other secretly but after everything we've been through, a BFP would be a miracle and a healthy baby at the end of it would just be amazing. My dream is drifiting further away though and finding it hard to accept that we might never have another baby image
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