bambino mio vs mothercare smartnappy

hiya, i'm after a bit of advice from anyone who has used both of these brands. i bought a bambino mio pack when they were half price in mothercare to see if i liked them, but they're no longer on sale which means the mothercare smart nappies are now a lot cheaper. so as these 2 brands seem to be very similar i was wondering can anyone tell me first of all are they interchangeable? ie can i use the mothercare absorbent nappy inner bits with the bambino mio covers and vice versa. also is there actually any difference between the 2 in terms of ease of use, quality, etc...? or should i just go for the cheaper mothercare nappies now?
thanks xxx


  • I started with the mothercare ones and didn't get on with them at all. So I gave up! Then when Lily was about 9 months I tried bumgenius and loved them! I've also heard good things about bambino mio ones. x
  • I was looking into the mothercare ones about a month ago but read awful online reviews for them. Have got a sample pack of mio and will get some bumgenius samples too as they seem to be the most recommended x
  • I haven't looked at mothercare ones before. Got a pack of bambino mios, a few bumgenius' and little lambs... See which ones suits LO when he arrives.
  • I've tried both and find the bambino's really fiddly(I have a very wriggly baby) and trying to put them on without the insert falling out and holding a liner in place is very difficult!
    I have also heard some bad reviews about the smart nappy but bought one to try anyway and actually quite like it.
    We mainly use bumgenius' and itti bittis which we love!
  • jojo i wondered if the bambinos might be a bit fiddly too as they're pretty fiddly to assemble without a wriggling baby in the mix!
    ion mumsnet the mothercare ones actually come out very well from reviews and i do like choice of having disposable inserts for out and about so i might buy a pack to give them a go. would be really useful to know if they are interchangeable though if anyone has used both?
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