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Af any moment now :( anyone else starating soon

Omg woken up with mega sore boobs, headache, cramps and bloated belly and I know AF will be here any time now.
Anyone else with the same cycle?


  • Hi Naturelle,

    Sorry to hear that AF is on her way (could these be pg symptoms and not AF?). Im a week behind you although I have started spotting already which is not a good sign but will join you when AF has arrived. xx
  • Lizzie, I am sure it will be AF, I had exctly the same last month. Ever since coming off the pill, I have really bad pmt symptoms, in the begining every month I actually thought I was pg as my boobs double in size and hurt so much, but when I was on the pill I never had this so it was confusing!Now I know my body little better I think.

    Sorry about you too. Do you always spot before starting af? Not an implantation?
    Well hope you don't start but if you do we will be close enough.
  • I have the same,my boobs get so large and sore before AF that I cant fit into my bra!!! Yes I do get spotting every month before AF but it doesnt usually start til at least 10dpo/12dpo to start. I dont think its implantation just my body being crap!!!!
  • Me!! Am sure AF is on her way!!! image took temp & its low so just wait, can't face that BFN xx
  • Hey curls, sorry ;( but you never know it might not be. I am the same, this is the first month I haven't tested early, I really can not look at another bfn, rather af just shows.

  • AF is here for me! I feel bogging! Why can't it just be a day eh?xxx
  • Laura sorry she got you ((hug)) I know I keep on imagining what would it actually be like if the day never came, and could test like everyne else ang get a bfp. It almost seems impossible!

    Beau sorry to, tht must be confusing for you. Have you only recently come off the pill?

    I just had some paracetamol and waiting image
  • af came image month 14 here we come.
  • Ohh curls , so sorry, big ((HUG)) Hope you are ok?

    I am stil waiting, was in really bad pains last night, painkillers and early night,Think it AF will come any time now, my belly is churning so much!!
  • I'm OK...thanks for the the hug!!!

    The pains are coming with a vengeance now...just in case I'd forgotten she was there image

    Hope she stays away for you xx
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