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Fresh red blood? :( UPDATE

Hi everyone. I posted in pregnancy after mc too. I woke up going to loo at 2.30 this morning and discovered fresh red blood quite runny all over bed, duvet and me. There is no pain or clots. I was advised to go straight to my emergency g med unit. She did a pelvic exam and my cervix is still tightly closed. I am booked in for early scan tomorrow? Does anyone have experience of this? I have been feeling really pregnant this past week with lots of symptoms and have no idea what this could be? Anyone have experience of this happening?

UPDATE at the bottom.


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  • Hi sweet, sorry to hear this. I don't have any experience of this, but didn't want to read and run. Your cervix is still closed which has to be a good sign, right? Best of luck with your scan tomorrow, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Zxx
  • Hi heart sank when I read this. As you know lots of us have had bleeds and everything is just fine. Try and be positive, I know thats so hard to do, especially when we have been heartbroken before. Im keeping everthing crossed for you. Take care, Tracy X
  • Hi girls. Thankfully the bleeding has stopped, now only got a very watery discharge. I took a cbd just now and it still shows 3+ thinking that for me to be miscarrying naturally the hcg levels normally drop so I thought that is good that it's not changed down. I'm praying everything is okay and my baby is still hanging in there. Where would the blood be coming from if cervix is closed? X
  • I am sorry to be reading this and it is horrible being in limbo and not know what is happening as I have been in same situation nearly five weeks ago image

    A CBD will still say that that even if you are M/C (as mine did so I will not do one again if this ever happens to me again) and you have only started bleeding today so if you are M/C then it will take a few days for it to go down image

    I hope and pray all is okay hun

    Gem xxx

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  • If this is a mc it's my 2nd one in space of 9 weeks image in fact it's 9 weeks today since we lost our first baby. I'm really hoping my scan is positive tomorrow. I thought i would have pain as last time I was bleeding a lot and rushed to hospital on gas and air.
  • Remember lots of us have bleeds and things are fine. Personally I would imagine the bleeding would continue and get worse if things weren't going well. That was my experience. The bleeding didnt stop at all, just kept getting worse. Thinking of you XXX
  • Thanks tashelby. I hope your right. It's definitely weird but good that bleeding stopped. Just hope my body is not playing evil tricks on me. I keep thinking what if it was twins or something or if my period has won and that's it over. Guess I won't know until tomorrow. But so far still no pain. X
  • I didn't have anything like this but just wanted to say I'm so sorry that you're going through this. I really hope everything is ok for you tmrw and wish you lots of luck for your scan. We're here if you need us xxx
  • Thanks Amber. I have had bad nausea all day and have just been violently sick. In sure it's morning sickness still as it's been getting worse all week. My symptoms are really confusing me. There is definitely no blood now and no pain at all. Just hoping this is just something simple. X
  • hey hun, have been keeping an eye on you to see how you are getting on since your bfp.

    im so sorry that you are havind a difficult time and i really hope its nothing to worry about for you.

    please let us know how things progress.

    much luv xxx
  • Oh hun I do hope this is just a scare and you have a very sticky bean xx Big hugs xx We're all here for you
  • Hi Sally and sparkles. Thanks for posting. I'm scared but feeling better, been feeling sick all day and finally was sick. Hoping everything goes well tomorrow. Can't see how I will cope with another miscarriage. X
  • I'm so sorry you're going through all this worry, desperately hoping everything is fine in the scan.

  • sorry to hear you're going through all this again. I'm desperately hoping that everything is all right in the scan.

  • you prob wont know me i normally post in lttc but i lost my baby at 22 weeks and also suffered an ectopic last year.
    Just wanted to say i really hope everything is ok. The docs told me that even a little blood loss can look like loads.
    Sounds really promising that bleeding has stopped so try to stay positive if you can.

    good luck tomorrow

    x x
  • Hi Pet..hope ur ok this morning. Good luck for today, ive got everything crossed for you, Tracy xx
  • Hi everyone, it was all okay. Scan was perfect and they found baby straight away with a good strong heartbeat.. im measuring 8+3 already.

    there is a pic of beanie in the pregnancy after mc and dim.. I didn't want to post pic in here as i think it might be to upsetting and not very fair.

    love to you all as once again your support is amazing.

  • glad to hear it...I logged on just to check how you and Lady2188 were today....i'm glad you've had good news
    Take care xx
  • Oh thank goodness some good news. So pleased for you. Logged on to check as soon as I got home. Again, so pleased for you. Look after yourself, Tracy XX
  • Wonderful news, so glad all is ok! you must be so relieved! take care xx
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