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I gave in and tested!!

Ok ladies well I gave in a tested again today and...there is a really faint line but it there image

I am not getting my hopes up as may not be my BFP :\?

I will test again in a few days but I can stop looking at the test that I have done.

Gem x


  • I have everything crossed for you Gem. Good luck xx
  • hi

    ohh that sounds promising, i dont think i could have resisted testing early either, fingers and every thing crossed honey xx
  • Sounds promising Gem - have eveything crossed for you hun xx
  • I will test again on Thus I think as I do not want to see a BFN after having a faint line on the test I done last night.

    It is so hard not to test again image

    Gem x
  • oh sounds very promising......did you get a BFN following your miscarriage? If so then this looks like your BFP and a new pregnancy....when did you expect AF? I think if its 8 days since you BD'd then beans had time to implant and you can begin to get excited as its not likely to be a chemical!
    I almost tested last night as I seem to have lots of symptoms....sharp cramps for the last 4-5 days but that seems to have lessened today, blue veins on my boobs, slightly sore nipples, but what's really shocked me is nausea...6pm onwards every evening for the last 3 nights ( I had this with last bean but not till 7 weeks and it feels exactly the same and goes once I eat something) ...but at the most I think I am 8dpo (think I ov'd early based on CM) and I think its too early for symptoms....but on the other hand I think if i'm getting symptoms so early I'm hoping its a sticky bean! But too scared to test yet as I don't want to see a BFN even though I have a feeling it'll be BFP, so waiting till AF is late....roll on next tuesday!
    Fingers crossed for you.... hopefully you we can be bump buddies over in DIA!
    Take care
    Sue x

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  • I had a BFN one week after M/C so I know it is not from that and I did test last week and was BFN but that was a different test,

    I MC five weeks ago so I counted that as my CD1 so I was "due" on last Monday if I had the same cycles as before MC.

    We have been BDing every few days so I god knows when we conceived if it is my BFP and I wont know when my EDD is as I have not had AF since MC
    I am gonna hold of until Thus to test again(which seems ages away lol)
    I have been feeling a lot more tired and goign for a wee more(all symptoms like like time) and my boobies are a bit tender so I hope that is a good sign image
    I would love a spring baby image and yep be great to be bump buddies image

    Gem xx
  • Sounds promising sweet. Good luck for testing again Thurs. Zxx
  • Hi Gem,

    That's soooo exciting. I have fingers and toes crossed for you for tomorrow.......

    Apple xx
  • xGemx Have you retested today? I hope you''ll be the first August BFP for our board!! fingers crossed xx
  • Fingers crossed for you xxx
  • Well ladies I tested today and BFN :cry: so the test from Monday must off been Evap line? I am a bit upset but will test again in a week.

    I am just hating it at the mo as I have no AF and no BFP and I am going mad so I am taking a break from BE for bit as all this TTC is driving me mad and I need to stop thinking about it(which is very very hard)

    I would off been 12 weeks next week and it now hitting me hard again that I have lost a baby and I thought I was okay but I had a cry today :cry:

    All you ladies are great and I don't know how I would of coped with out coming on here so my break may not be for long :lol:

    Gem xxx
  • So sorry to hear this, its hard when you kind of get your hopes up. We will all still be here when you come back on here. Take care. Zxx
  • oh hun...big hugs xx BFNs are horrible aren't they...that's why I won't test yet until AF is very lateas I'm scared of getting one and being kicked in the teeth! but its frustrating when you haven't had first Af to know where you stand and just wish you knew one way or another.
    As ZLS23 said we'll still be here when you return.....and you never know what might happen when you have a break from BE....quite a few ladies have recently said they've had a break and then suddenly got BFP.
    Take care xx
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