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august ttc test date?

hi guys im 5dpo and hope to test on 10th august how about everyone else??

Shirls001 - 4th
mrs waggy wants another- 8th
baby_vivvy- 8th
mrsvause23- 8th
ellie's mummy 10th
MaybeBaby? - 13th
Pink_Angel_2010- 13th
Em_Lou - 13th
Matthew's Mum - 14th
sazzle33- 15th
lucyah - 20th
kitkat04- 22nd
nowmrsbailey - 21st
jonzemonkey - 23rd
Moomin22 - 24th
MummyB2B - 31st

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  • im 9dpo and will be testing on 8th if AF isnt here by then image

    fingers crossed we get our BFP!!!

  • Hi,

    I am 2dpo and due af 15th August so gonna try and hold off till then to test (she says..yeh right!)
  • Hi,

    I am 2dpo and due af 15th August so gonna try and hold off till then to test (she says..yeh right!)
  • I'm the same as you 10th august! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Xxxx
  • im soo exited how many dpo with that make you mrs waggy? it will make me 12 is that long enough do you think?
  • If I ovulated when I thought I did I would be around 13/14 dpo
    I know a lot of ladies on here got bfp's at 9dpo but I'm not ready to test yet I'm too scared. My pma has left the building today not feeling hopeful image xxx
  • Hey girls! I will be testing on 11th August, well that is when AF is due (I think).... Goodness I hope we have done it this month.... So much symptom spotting already, it's so frustrating! xx
  • i will be about 12 dpo ish but really wanting to test at 10 i know i will be just heading for a fall if i do but it is sooo tempting!!
  • il be 14dpo on the 8th but im dying to test tmorro!!

    symptom spotting like crazy but something feels different this month! i normally have all af symptoms by now but only got a dull ache at the bottom of my back and lots, and i mean lots of creamy CM!!! (sorry tmi)

    anyone else have symptoms?

  • Yep it's far too tempting! I've not got any hpt's in the house tho otherwise I'd be doing them now! Really hope it's good news for us all next week! Xx
  • can creamy cv be a sign your pregnant???
  • i think so yeah, im sure someone has told me that!

  • Add me please!!!!!

    Af due 22nd will be poas 23rd if she hasnt made an appearance!!! xxx
  • Ahh I've got loads of creamy cm! I keep going to the loo because I feel as tho I've wet myself haha!
    Oh fingers crossed girls I really hope we've all done it!!!
  • well i havnt any yet only 5dpo though! going to go asda and get some test today as got kids till end of week and mad busy! having a down day today not much hope!!
  • Add me for 13th Aug please! I reckon AF will show, but if not then I think I will be testing that date! x
  • I'm testing tomorrow, but AF signs are all present and correct, so I think I am out for this month ...but I will not admit defeat until she is actually here!

  • Add me pls Kelly. Ill be testing on 7th will be 12dpo.xx
  • oh ellie's mummy i am the same! no pma today at all! im not buying an tests until the weekend, i cant cope with seeing a BFN at the moment!
  • i have just been to asda and bought two asda own tests! eekkkk i couldnt help myself and now they are sat there staring at me im not doing them yet but i recon it will be hard work holding off till the 10th!
    gunna get hubby to hide them then i cant test earlier!!
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