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Right lovely ladies!!!!

I might be almost certainly out this month but I will not be beaten!

PMA "me" time this week includes -

1) Eyebrows on Saturday, followed by a leisurely swim
2) Long lay in on Sunday, followed by sitting in the park reading a book I've been meaning to start for weeks!!

I realise those of us who already have beautiful little ones, might not have as much (or any) "me" time this weekend as I do - but what could you do for yourself for even 10 minutes?

We deserve a treat, no matter how small - this TTC lark takes it toll on our bodies and minds - and I for one am not going down without a fight LOL!!


  • what a good idea! I am on hols at mo (teacher) so lots of me time, but not always quality - and ive made far too many plans which is nice but takes away from me time!
    I have just started reading a book - by the same author who wrote the time travellers wife. Its been ages since i had the time to sit and read for an hour and i am really enjoying immersing myself in somebody elses world. Takes my mind off ttc!
  • hummmmm good question!
    i am off all weekend which is a bonus but we do have an 18 month old so me time is out!
    hubby is off too so we will have a nice weekend having family time and get him to take my mind off ttc!
  • Mmm...what a good thread

    My best friend is coming down for the weekend on thursday evening and I haven't seen her since easter so going to enjoy a wee bit of retail therapy and a nice lunch maybe...we both love cooking and usually cook up a stir when she visits.

    I wont be drinking though as in 2ww and on metformin.....but it's not the be all and end all. I also have a 13 month old to run after but I always look forward to spending time with him as he is in nursery all week while we work.
  • Sounds like we will all at least do something that we WANT to do!!

    I was full of PMA earlier, but it's now slowly running out as the AF pains get worse ... BOOHOO!!!!
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