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what age / weight have you put bay in the biggest settign? i have just changed dd's nappy and had to go to the biggest setting as i was struggling to fasten at the middle setting without laving a gap. shes 16lb and 19 weeks. i know her legs will slim down when she's mobile so they'll fit for longer than you think but still it's a worry. i do have 4 flips though that i have not been using as they were too big, so maybe they'll come in to their own now. :roll:


  • I moved to the biggest setting around that weight/age too
  • We only started using about a month a go at 8m and about 17lbs, we went straight into the largest setting. She has got more mobile in the last month and is slimming down, we can do the straps up tighter now, so i guess it will only increase and hopefully last until potty!!

    Em x
  • I just moved Lucas into the largest setting at 14.5 wkd at 16.5lbs, so sounds about right. Was starting to get leaks before I changed and when I was trying to do them up the poppers were unpopping anyway!
  • thanks for that. i got a leak this morning as the middle was gappy. will change them al!
  • I think I have a midget, LO is 6.5 months and still on the smallest setting!!! She is tiny though!
  • goodness that is small! is she wearing out her clothes though? i am buying next size up stupidly quickly. she is now in 6-9 month vests and gros.
  • Luke is 11 months and is on the largest has been for about 2 months, hopefully they will last another year!

  • She is in 0-3 month clothes still so very small. Very annoying considering I bought lots of lovely 3-6 and 6-9 summer clothes but by the time they fit it will be the middle of winter!!
  • we changed at about 17lbs to he biggest but wierdly we have some medium ones that fit fine. which i preume are the middle notch?
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