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No symptoms at 4+1??

hi ladies

i am only 4+1 with me 2nd babs, but i am not experiacing any symptoms, is this normal? iv not even got the tiredness and bloating which i did with my son. im just concerned as with my first pregnancy i had no symptoms and when i went to the 12 week scan it was a mmc image so am terrified of the same thing happeneing!

ashy x


  • Hi Ashy, I had no symptoms at all till I was about 6 weeks so don't worry I am sure they are on their way

    x x
  • hi 4+1 is quite early to get symptoms, most don't usually start until 6-8weeks, or u might find that ur lucky and get away without any, both this pregnancy and with ds i was symptom free, so don't worry, remember each pregnancy is different.
    hth, and congratulations
  • Hi, I haven't had any symptons during my whole pregnancy so don't worry, count yourself lucky!

  • I've got away with no symptoms except sore boobs and that didn't really start until 8 weeks or so. Had my scan and everything's fine.

    Don't worry - enjoy the envy of others!

  • GC BIJan.
    I didn't get any with Abigail really. Only tiredness from about 7 or 8 weeks but then it stopped at 12. Try not to worry which is harder said than done as I kept doing pregnacy test every week until I had my first scan. Think of yourself as one of the lucky ones who will sail through this pregnancy.

  • I've had no symptoms either for my whole pregnancy so try and relax and enjoy being one of the lucky ones! Of course it is early days so symptoms could kick in for you in a week or 2, but until then enjoy!!

    Jo xx
  • i'm glad u asked that coz i was just thinking the same.....i'm 6+6 and apart from sore boobs and occasionally a period type cramp i got nothing....i had a mmc 2 years ago so was getting worried....might have to talk to doc just for reassurance tho...
  • please try and not worry,could be 2 things,your still very early on and you may not get any symptoms,my first pregnancy i had every symptom going,my second pregnancy i had no symptoms what so ever and i had twins,so please try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy
  • hi, most peopel don't get symptoms til at least 6-8weeks pregnant, if at all. i didn't get any whatsoever with ds or this time round x
  • ive had nausea the past 3 weeks or so and now it seems to have gone away is this normal or should i say it to doc
  • I didn't get any symptoms (apart from missed period) until Baby started kicking at 19 weeks!!

  • Hi Hun I've got no symptoms too it's driving me crazy altho I didn't have any symptoms with my 1 pregnacy then was as sick as a dog and had a MMC so not too worried about having symptoms luv Gem 5+3 xx
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