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FAO Lincoln Ladies and Lillypie

Hi Girls

Hope your all well and things are all hunky dory.

Just thought I'd send a message out as I was hoping to set up a Lincoln mums and mums to be meeting.

I'm actually off work next week, so that would be good for me, what do you think??

Also Lillypie, I think your in the same situation as me and contemplating whether to go to Lincoln or Grimsby for your labour and birth.

Well I went for a visit around Grimsby at the weekend, they normally only do visits on a Sunday at 1.30pm, but made a special exception for me as I was coming over on Saturday anyway to do some pram shopping.

Anyway, I got there and felt really special, I got a lovely welcome and they were waiting for me, and ready to do a full tour around the maternity wing.

Honestly it was like a hotel for expectant mums, I loved it!! Each mum has their own en-suite room with tea and coffee, radio, TV, phone, stereo, lovely modern units and comfy bed and each room equipped with all the needs for the midwife, gloves, blankets, cots, all the monitors etc. They have 2 double rooms with 2 beds for mums (but 2 would be max in a room), they even have a family room with a double room for ladies whio might be staying for more than a few days. Also partners are encouraged to stay with you the whole time, even after the birth, so can stop the night!

The care is midwife led but they have doctors on hand to whip you up to surgery if there are any inexpected complications. I am thinking of a water birth, the room was really tranquil with lovely frieze on the walls and pictures, the midwide said they had normal pain relief G&A, pethodin, epidural and tens machines and birthing balls etc. I was well impressed!! They said like any normal hospital, if your waters break they normally say to go home and come back when contractions are closer together, but becasue I'd be travelling an hour, then they said to come straight away and just to stay there without travelling from Lincoln-Grimsby again.

I'm planning on looking around Lincoln County in the next few weeks, but am already pretty much decided that Grimsby is for me, the care seems so much better!! X


  • Hey hun sorry i havent been around much im so busy but next week is good for me.. it has to be after 12 though as my daughter naps between 10-12 xx
  • Just g/c - but that sounds bloomin brilliant! I am soo jealous image I wish there was something like that in Nottingham/Derby image
  • i'm also g/c to say i was born in grimsby (many moons ago) and a lot of my nieces/nephews live were born there - although the youngest is now 10 so probably not that relevant but my sister and sister in law received excellent care there.

    My niece was born at 29 weeks because my sister suffered from pre-eclampsia and the scbu was fantastic all the nurses were lovely (hopefully you won't find that bit out)

    You've almost tempted me to have my lo there but hubby thinks its too far - we now live in nottingham. would be very strange cause the baby is due day after my bday!

  • Hi Girls,

    Lilliepie, the midwife said that at any hospital when you call them when your waters break, they normally ask you to stay at home as long as possible until your contrations are much closer together, then to go in to hospital. For a first time mum, labour can be between 12-24 hours. The midfe at Grimsby said to come straight away when waters break and contractions are not that close, and to just stay there, they wouldn't expect you to travel an hour when you are having stronger contractions!! We think its well worth the journey!

    I don't think LCH is terrible, far from it, but I just want the best care, attention and nice room with hubby staying. We're gonna look at LCH in the next few weeks too, then decide. We will probably have to make a decision before the due date so they can transfer the hospital notes etc, but it wouldn't be a problem if you changed your mind at last minute, as long as you had your hand held notes, they can fax your details over from Lincoln.

    I don't get any more scans anyway, I've had the 20 week one and am low risk, I get the normal antenatal appointments at Lincoln, and they have stopped the antenatal classes at the hospital now (lack of funds), so can be done free at Surestart or paid classes with NCT.

    Anyone can give birth where they want, and they certainly wouldn't turn you away from anywhere.

    Lincoln mums, perhaps we could meet at 1.00pm next Tuesday, where would you suggest??

    PS, I think for those of you that live in Nottingham/Derby, just keep your options open, you can visit any materntiy ward, if you ring up and ask for a tour of the unit, they will let you know a suitable time/day. X

  • Hey ladies,
    sorry about delayed response... busy few days!!
    Next Tuesday is good with me, hopefully Louis will have had his morning nap and be cheerful! (my little monster is teething, and is so not happy about it!!)

    Can we go somewhere child friendly? I don't mind going to a house if thats easier, or people coming here... but just as long as its child-proofed! lol

    Sarah xx
  • Ah i have to drop dd off at nursery at 1pm on a Tuesday image I guess i could come afterwards but it means you dont get to meet my adorable and cheeky dd lol xx
  • Whens good for you then Mrs No name, is there any way we can arrang this before next week.

    Maybe a house would be good, or a pub with a play area, lincs poacher maybe?? I'm easy any time Monday or Tuesday good for me! X
  • Hello!Only just saw week is good for me I could do lunch at my house...would be easier for me as am not driving any more.Or I can get to town if I walk which is fine by me.Maybe Monday so Gracie can come...Lily would miss her!lol x

    [Modified by: ILOVEMYGEEK2 on August 05, 2010 09:59 PM]

  • I don't think Louis is old enough to play at the Poacher yet!
    Someone's house sounds good? xx
  • Hi Girls..

    Sounds good, who's address?? I can make Monday, so if someone can make a decison on the place and time I'm there!!

    Maybe Ilovemygeeks house or Mrsnoname house, whats the address?? Need to know today really ladies!! XX
  • All sorted for Monday, Annekas house at 12 then image

    Is Lillypie coming? xx
  • Great stuff, anneka said she's text me her address, can't wait to meet you ladies.

    Hopefully Lillypie will get this mesage so we can invite her too! XX Yipee, I can't wait, I have a week off, not had any time off for so so long! X
  • Lillypie...if you can email me I can send you my mobile number and address if you would like to join us...Clayre I'm texting you now- Sarah did you get my text this morning hun?xxx
  • Oh yeah sorry chick!
    I did mean to text back, but am useless!! We will be there with bells on!! lol xx
  • Hi Girls,

    I'm sorry that thjings got cancelled at the last minute due to unforseen circumstances, I was really looking forward to meeting you all!!

    Oh well, maybe another time, unfortunatley I'm back at work now, so can only do weekends and evenings and seem to be super busy all the time now! Good news though, managed to get the nursery finished! x
  • hi hun, yeah we were all meant to meet on monday but annekas little one developed night terrors and sarah and others cancelled but not sure why.. not a problem, I'm sure we can arrange something else. I can't believe I have 2 and half months of work left and in 3 months will be a mummy!! We got some right bargains in town last week, went to mammas and pappas and they were selling most of the ex-display zeddy and parsnip range really cheap, we bagged the rug and curtains for ??60 (saved ??65).. woohoo. And we got a brand new cot and changer from toys r us in sale for ??140 (saved ??50).. gonna nip to asda tonight and get a breast pump.. lovin the bargains! X
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