New pram for toddler and baby???

Im 17 weeks pregnant and i have a 20month old. Im starting to wonder if i need to buy a double buggy. My toddler walks most of the time but if she gets tired i have my buggy for her to sit in, and if i go anywhere busy i always strap her in cos she runs around and doesnt really listen to me. I thought about getting a buggy board, its the fact i cant strap her to it that puts me off. Is anyone else in this situation, i could really use some advice so i dont waste alot of money on ANOTHER buggy.


  • Hi! I was in the same predicament as you last year, I have 18months between my two youngest boys and am an absolute expert on double buggies (im now on my fourth buggy in under a year!!!

    Tate didn't walk til he was 16months, but it was more the issue of his safety when we were out. We have a buggy board but even at 2yrs and 3months he won't stand on it. I have had the following buggies: CombiWe2, great v.lightweight, but the seat does not sit up fully upright for your toddler and the seat liners/cosy toes are useless always sliding around. I then went for a Cosatto Duet Lite (tandem) so, so heavy I couldn't maneovre v.easily. But it was compact and comfortable seats for baby folds down completely flat and if you add a cosy toes is a really comfy bed. Front seat doesn't recline, so no good if your toddler still naps in buggy. Third pushchair was a basic cosatto side by side. This was a great pushchair as by this stage by baby was 6months old, and didnt' need extra padding, fully lie back seat etc. But unfortunately broke so had to replace, i have a similar one its a maclaren triumph which is great, lightweight, haven't found a door it doesn't fit through yet, folds well and boys like it. I would say one of the most important considerations is weight as any pushchair becomes v.heavy with two kids in it, especially as the baby gets bigger, and how easy it is to get around. Sorry for the long post, but as I have wasted alot of money on pushchairs I hope I've helped. I would recommend checking out small ads for secondhand ones, I sold two nearly new buggies at less than half the price! Good luck!
  • there is a seat you can attatch to a normal buggy, it has a 5 point harness and folds away when not in use, i will see if i can find a link for you
  • Do you mean a buggy pod??

    Apparently whether you can use it depends what your original pram is. They don't attach to all makes amd models!
  • must be a buggy pod, I didn't read many good reviews on them though. But I think they have recently redesigned, they are fairly pricey though.
  • My childminder uses one of these

    She finds it really useful, although i'm not sure if it fits all pushchairs.
  • hi i bought a graco stadium duo when i pregnant with mollie for her and her brother christopher who was 14months old when she was born it is a great pushchair i didnt find it that heavy to push until they got older i know use the double for mollie 22months and abbie 5 months christopher now walks every where he is 3 yrs old and the double is 2yrs old and is still in good condition they are easy to get around shops they do last as it is the double i have used i hope that helps you Code:

  • I had a Cosatto Duet Lite and found it way too heavy. Jake was 23 months when I had Joel and after about 8 weeks I sold my double and bought a M&P Ziko Alfie (really cute Le Petit Canary one!) and a Buggy Board. Jake calls it his Skateboard and loves to help me 'drive' the buggy. It also clips out of the way for when bigger one is not with you (like dropping at playgroup etc)

    You can also get a Litaf (I think) 'Seat-2-go' which has a standing step and a seat for when they get extra tired.

    Hannah -x-
  • Tate refuses point blank to get on his buggy board! He is getting good at walking lots of places and holding hands now, so if we aren't out for long I don't have to take double.
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