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Sperm friendly lube!

Well I think I need some sperm friendly lube really! Anyone know of any that is cheaper than pre seed? x


  • i no of zestica, but dunno if its cheaper? lol. i want some!!!! hubs wont let me tho image wants to do it aux naturelle lol dammit"
  • lol I would like to do it au naturelle too, but sometimes we need a bit of help!
  • After 3 days bding in a row we all need help :lol: I highly recommend preseed I got 2 bfp's in a row with it!
  • Hi Baby on Board!
    I have brought some preseed to use this month, did you use it everytime you BD'd? Also had you been TTC before you started using it?
  • lol same! just wish hubs would agree image
  • Oh this made me giggle ... I should be working and I'm bidding on CBFM's and looking up preseed .. how our techy guys would have a fit if they could see me now - which they probably can LOL

  • we r using the concieve plus at the mo. its like normal lube but sperm friendly - as like many of the ladies on here need a lil bit of extra help when bd'ing a few days in a row.
    thinking of trying preseed if no bfp in a few months though, dh didnt seem keen so thought we'd use his choice for now image xxx
  • Hi Moomin - yes have been ttc 20mths now. I had a mcc in Jan at 11w, couldn't try february but went back to it in March that's when I started using the preseed and I used it each time we bd'd just about 1.5 - 2 on the applicator, anymore than that and it's like a bowl of jelly down their! I got my 2nd bfp in March unfortunately mc'd straight away, got a bfp next cycle too using preseed, but again mc'd. Underwent 2 months of tests now I'm back again ttc and I used the preseed this month too so now in my 2ww! fingers crossed I get my stcky bfp. :\)
  • Thank you so much baby on board, I'll keep everything crossed for you (hate the 2ww!!)
    Going to try the preseed this month, along with CBFM, throwing everything I can at it!!
  • so is normal ky jelly ok???
  • its not im afraid lucy image xxx
  • No it actually can kill the sperm! Throw it away! image
  • oh bollocks!! i bloody used it about 10mins after i posted that!! shit! better get on the baby dancing now!!! be back in 5! LOL!!!!
  • lol - i tend to use ky when im not ov (using a cbfm) and save the expensive stuff for when we need his spermies to get to where they gotta go image xxx
  • well im not ovulating yet according to my sticks.. hopefully i havent done any damage!!!

    just looked it all up online... apparently saliva can kill sperm too!
  • yeah i read that as well! DH was also shocked when i told him image
    if ur not ov yet u should be ok image xx
  • i got pg using the very cherry durex stuff on the first month of trying, so don't think it can be that poisonous to sperm, however i did have a mc at 5+6 but can't see how that is related to lube, as sperm had already got to where it needed to be. didnt realise lube was an issue so if no BFP this month may switch to preseed just in case it matters more than i think. x
  • well we just had a quick one just incase! LOL!

    when oh when will i ov? im cd18, so soon i guess?
  • depends how long ur cycles r.
    for example mine are 34 days, i ov on cd 22 last month meaning i only have a 12 day phase after ov (cant remember the name for it) average is 14 days but can range from 10 - 17 days.
    hopefully u should soon xx
  • i have only had one cycle since having dd so i have no idea whatsoever how long my cycles are! i guess i will just have to keep bd'ing right up until af due day!! lol!

    just realised i have completely g/c this thread, sorry!!

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