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AF not due fr a week but...

I just got my BFP!

I can't believe it! AF isn't due till the 12th, but I really just "felt" pregnant. I have been getting headaches for a few days. Then I got up this morning and I had really strong AF pains and I felt so sick! At 1st I thought AF was coming early, but as the day went one I kept thinking it just wasn't quite the same as AF. So at lunch time I picked up some Tesco's tests and rushed to my mums (she was out at work and it's closer to my work then my house). In the 1st few seconds when nothing came up I went to raid mums fridge and when I went back to it there was such a bold positive I actually yelped!

I am so nervous about this pregnancy, after miscarrying in April that I don't know quite what to do with myself. And also we are moving house at the end of the month and going 250 miles to Shrewsbury where the only people I know are DH family, so it's going to be weird. That also means that I've handed in my notice at work, and I start a new job on the 1st - we obviously were not expecting this to our month! We were going to put off trying after this month, so that I could work out the mat policy at my new job. Hopefully they will be okay with it.

Sorry for babbling - I'm in shock

Good luck to everyone


  • Congratulations Mrs_Matthews! A H&H 9 months, praying for a sticky bean for you!

    Good luck with the move!
  • Thank you gingerbean! I'm so tearful I don't know what to do with myself! xx
  • firstly congratulations on the BFP! secondly good luck with moving house.... I live about 20 mins drive from Shrewsbury so know the area well.
    Thirdly - I know just how you feel about being nervous...I had a missed miscarraige in June and at the moment I kind of think I am pregnant based on cramps, feeling sick for the last 4 days, sore boobs etc but like you Af is not due for another week however I'm a bit to scared to do a test because if I do and I know for sure I am pregnant then I know I will start worrring about miscarraige again (whereas at the moment as I don't know for sure I'm pregnant I can not worry yet....if that makes sense). However like you I just 'feel' pregnant to the point where I feel if I don't get a BFP then I think I might eat my preverbial hat!
    Congratulations again !! Take care x
  • Hi Sparkles, good luck! My fingers are crossed for you, it sounds promising to me x

    I think I'll be wrapping myself up in cotton wool the next few months in hope that will stop history repeating.

  • Congrats!!!! Xx
  • Congrats Mrs_Matthews image
    Have a happy and healthy 9 months hun image

    Also perhaps you could give me some advice lol....
    I am about 5/6 DPO today, woke up feeling sick and it has lasted all day, feeling more stronger at times and this morning my sense of smell was on overdrive!!
    Also had cramps all day, like AF is about to start, but like you im not due till next friday 13th!!
    The cramps dont seem so bad in my lower abdomen but can feel them quite strong in my lower back. Also had quite a bit of creamy CM, sometimes it feels like i have just started AF so i run to the loo and its just CM (sorry tmi lol)

    Does this sound promising?
  • Congrats again hun. I am so happy for you and OMG so excited for you too sparkles. You would be in DIA with me after all ;\)
  • Hi Em_lou

    My back is killing but in abdomen it isn't so bad, it aches, but it's not been quite as intense as AF. I've had more CM too now I think about it. I wasn't looking for it because it's so early, but it was definitely there. So it does sound promising to me yeah!

    The other thing I forgot to mention was that at the weekend I thought I must have had some kind of water infection, I was on the loo all the time! It wasn't painful, just really frequent and almost catching me short.

    Good luck and keep me posted, hopefully I'll see you in DIA soon xx
  • Congatulations hun! Here's to a Happy and healthy 9 months!

  • Ahhhh i hope so image
    Am rather excited now lol, you have given me lots of faith image
    When would you have been due AF?
    Did the cramps stay with you pretty much all day?
    Im not really sure if i have been peeing more or not lol, i never really take much notice.
    Have been trying not to symptom spot but these cramps aren't something i can ignore, neither is the CM or feeling sick lol.

  • I'm due on the 12th, so exactly one week away. I do have a long LP usually though and I ovulated on the 24th. I usually have a 3 ww rather than a 2 ww, which is awful, and I just couldn't wait that long. The cramps have stayed all day, and just varied strength. It's really hard not to symptom check isnt it!

    Good luck xx
  • Oh im due the 13th, and its a friday!! Supposed bad luck day image
    Ohhh well no more 2 or 3WW for a long while now hehe image
    Mine have been here pretty much since i got up at 6.15 this morn and my back has been sore all day!
    Haven't had this before and cant remember from the last time i was preg, seems so long ago image xx
  • congratulations hunny xxx
  • Congratulations!! x

    (Was KellyB23)
  • A huge congrats Mrs_Matthews! That's fantastic news! Good luck with the move as well. I was talking to a friend who had a baby after moving away and she said the friends you make during antenatal classes really help and she's made a whole new circle of friends now!
  • ahhh, congratulations! All the best during your pregnancy!
  • Thank you everyone.

    And thanks Mooker, that makes me feel loads better, I figure a new baby is a great excuse to get out and spend time with new people xx
  • Wow, congratulations hunni xx
  • Congrats huniimage x
  • ahhh! congrats! and good luck, sending u lots of stickyness xxxx
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