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I may not be pregnant but....

i bloody look like it after the amount of takaway food i have just eaten lol
I have a perfectly round bloated belly :lol:
just what i needed tho x


  • lol. . Me too was bloody lovely ha ha x X
  • what did you have booey i had a chinese mmm when are you planning on testing again your post sounded very exciting x
  • Ha ha! This made me giggle Mrs broodypops.
    My DH tells me off when I push my belly out and put my hand on it! Perfectly rounded and very very bloated! We had Pizza!

    I must get to the gym!
  • My hubby goes the gym nearly every day Mooker i just cant be botherd after work and i have a 4 yr old to run around after so i use that as my excuse lol x
  • He he i had curry yum yum. . Well holding out testing now till next week at least now! X the+longer its taking to ttc the longer Im able to resist testing lol must be getting bored of poas lol x X
  • ooo is so exciting tho hun have you had any more syptoms im a bugger for symptom spotting lol x
  • Every day Mrs broodypops?? Blimey he's good! Yeah, running around after your little cherub must be tiring! I've been good lately doing my exercise but then get home and eat a load of rubbish! I just can't resist!
    Hi booey! Hope you're ok?
  • Hey Mooker am good trying to learn about my cbfm. . X X getting ready for next cycle lol x how are you? X
  • OOO exciting. I love using my cbfm, It's my first month of using it and got my first high on CD7, now on CD14 and still high! Hopefully get my peak very soon x

    We've just had a lovely few days in the New Forest, very romantic.

    Although from what I read earlier, you may not have to start using yours>>>???? Exciting!!!!
  • we had chinky too! whoops!!! why do you always end up ordering way too much!?

    im cd16, there must be something about this week where you crave takeaways! maybe its too much ttc and we are too worn out to cook! lol
  • haha yeah something like that lucyah im just lazy i think iv really felt like a chinese all day but yup you got it we orderd way to much so left half and now seriously thinking about going to attack the other half cuz im hungry again lol x
  • well yet never no but nothing that easy for me lol. Im sure Will be using my cbfm for time to come ha ha if i get preggers the cbfm is gonna be very well looked after lol may get it gold plated. Lol. . Sometimes does anyone ever think that it won't happen to me? Am i being miserable ha ha x oh i should cheer up its Friday whoop! X X X moan over lol
  • haha! nom nom nom! im jelous! x
  • lol! its always good for breakfast the next day! image haha
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