• that is heart breaking, absolutely unforgivable
  • That's terrible! It's shocking that so many of these incidents occur in the USA. Also worrying that the daycare centre didn't notice she was missing or if they did they didn't investigate why.
  • Oh my God! That is the saddest thing ever. That poor, poor girl xx
  • What I find heartbreaking, apart from the death of this beautiful little girl, and the suffering she wouldve endured, is the comments made about the story underneath. How can people be so heartless to blame the mother?? It's daycare, nursery...she didnt leave her child on the bus, she entrusted her care to a group of people who shouldve known better. Many thousands of people leave their precious children in daycare for work etc from a very young age...she just needed to ride a 'Daycare Bus' to get there. We have something similar here, and children of all ages are picked up and taken to the nursery by bus.

    RIP sweetheart, and love to your grieving family xx
  • I am truly horrified. No other words come to mind. Wild horses could not stop me hurting those responsible, I would have nothing left to live for. That poor Mother.
  • omg gutted for her poor mum she is thinking her child is having fun and the poor wee chiken is suffering, god knows what she went through like the topic said, disgusting
  • I am also shocked by the comments do they not realise that it was a minibus to pick up a child to go to nursery, she didn't leave her at the bus stop with 50p and let her use public transport.
  • So sad, I go to Florida a lot and this does happen a lot. There was an incident about 10 years ago when we were there and a mum went to a supermarket and left her 3 kids in the car in the midday sun, the hour she was there the 3 kids died, so sad. RIP little girl xx
  • Gosh i was crying reading that... the poor little girl, what she must have gone through, it just doesn't bare thinking about.

    And Gemmie i agree i don't understand the comments below the article.. there obviously not very intelligent individuals x
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