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my LO now has 7 teeth and i attempt to brush them twice a day, He seems to quite like it but it is a bit of a fight to actually do any real brushing! i a concerned that as i cant give them a 'good scrub' that they will not stay pearly white for long!?!


My LO is getting SO frustrated with his attempts to crawl! i cant see him ever having the patients to master it! I am trying to spend lots of time with him on the floor as he loves to climb all over me and stand holding onto the sofa but the minute he gets onto his tummy he pushes up onto his knees then kicks his foot and rolls onto his back and then moans!! Is there anything i can do to speed up this learning process? he has clearly got my impatience and ends up getting cross !

Keeley and Rafferty 8months 3days!

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  • oh dear little rafferty! I dont know whats more frustrating ... watching them get frustrated or the los themselves!

    I dont think there is anything that you can do to speed it up...maybe just keep moving his toys slightly away from him but I dont think thats the issue, he wants to move hes just that little bit away from making it!. Sometimes they just get up and walk yknow so he may never crawl!

    With regards to teeth. My lo loves getting his brushed esp with toothpaste (he likes the minty foam lol) but I bought this MAM cloth bunny that you put your fingers in the ears and rub the teeth. I use this at night after his last bottle...but he gets a proper scrub in the bath after his tea.

    You can buy the bunnies from boots x
  • http://www.totscorner.co.uk/teething-cloth-p-515.html

    thats what im talking about...I had a look on mothercare, kiddicare and boots and its not there????? Strange
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