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Waste of money?

Apologies if this has been done before, but what would you say you bought that you wish you hadn't bothered with?

Or what do you wish you had bought?

Thanks ladies

L 14+5 x


  • baby shoes and outfits for a newborn other than babygros and vests,. bottles! i got two tommee tippee bottles with the breatspump but then bought two avant bottles, just in case as ive heard some babies prefare different bottles. they are still in the packet as i rarely give her a bottle anyway.
  • baby bath dd is 8 weeks she has almost grown out of it and hates it loves being in normal bath.
  • outfits without feet for newborn (born december) sock are useless and you won't want them barefoot in the winter (looking at when you are due) summer babies are no doubt different!
  • snowsuit! He was so tiny that it swamped him, a friend bought me a snug wrap from babierus and it was so much better, it didnt take 10 minutes to put on like the snowsuit, it kept him nice and warm and it had velcro to secure it so i could almost swaddle him whilst in his carseat which he loved!
  • I second the baby bath...we've used it about 5 times as he hates it and I find it a lot easier to bath him with me in the big bath and he loves it in there with me or Daddy.

    I'm one of those who did dress him in outfits a lot even when he was newborn so each to their own on that.

    Oh, and I bought a shedload of cotton balls and then cheeky wipes, so still have a cupboard full of cotton wool...granted it's not expensive but hey, every penny counts! Cotton wool and water just does not cut it with baby poo!
  • This is really useful, thanks ladies image
    MrsH 19+2 xx
  • a bumbo! DD sat in it about 4 times before she realised that if she made her body completely rigid she could basically escape....

    A heavy and expensive travel system - I thought it was super important to have a travel system when in reality as I didn't want LO in the car seat for long periods of time the fact it clicked on to my wheels was irrelevant. Also DD quickly became too heavy to carry whilst in the seat. Should have just bought a seat that works from birth to 3 or 4 to save some pennies. Also I now have a massive carrycot to store in the loft as LO has grown out of it.

    A Fresco Bloom highchair - gorgeous piece of kit but doesn't cut it practically speaking. The foam insert is a fag to get out and clean and the tray is so high up that even my quite tall 6 month old can't use it yet.

    Oh and don't buy too many first size nappies - DD is super long as was only in them for 2 minutes!


  • I am one who loves the outfits although she didnt fit into them for ages! She is 9 months and still wearing 3-6 months
    I also loved our baby bath, it was a winnie the pooh bath from babies r us and it lasted us up until the start of July so she was just over 8 months.
    I would have to say the biggest waste of money was the TT bottle warmer!
  • Zeddy & Parsnip wave rocking cradle - doesn't rock unless you put your foot firmly on the bottom. Total waste of money and I'd go for a swing next time around.

    I have to say I loved the snowsuit, which is just as well as we got 3 as presents. Fortunately all different sizes and we used every single one. Was far easier just zipping them up than worrying about how many layers, etc.
  • I'm going to buck a couple of trends here...loved the baby bath, we got a change station with a hidden bath so maybe a bit bigger than the ones others are talking about. Toby was huge (he's been 91st percentile for weight since he was about a month old) and we used it until he was 5 months. We got this one from BabiesRUs

    I also really loved the snowsuits. Toby was born in Jan when we had a lot of snow so we got loads of use out of them - I could just zip one on over his sleepsuit and away we went.

    I do agree with the outfits though - we went through so many wardrobe changes every day due to vomit/poo!! Anything other than sleepsuits was just too much hassle and easily ruined. Also have to agree re Bumbo - Toby was just too big for it so never really comfortable and now he can get out really easily so it's not safe.

    Best buys were the playgym/mat, changer/bath moses basket, BabyBjorn carrier and swaddle blankets. Could not have lived without them. Also when they're a bit older jumperoo is the best!

    C image

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  • worst buys - baby shoes 0-3 months. DD has a drawer full of them that have never been worn more than once or twice (they were all presents so not my money to waste, but still!)
    Also newborn Next outfits came up too small on my DD so they only had a few days wear.
    Manual breat- pump - gave me severe hand ache

    Best buys - the baby bath from mamas and papas - still uses it now at 6 months.
    Jumperoo, bouncer seat and the ring which they can sit in with support
    Sock-ons - a god send for actually keeping socks on!!
    Electric breast pump, quick and far easier!

  • biggest waste of money - spending ??70 on a moses basket, wish i had bought a cheap one as Freddie only fitted in it for 4 weeks, stockpiling newborn nappies, again he was too big for them, and i brought far too many newborn clothes as he was only in them for about a week and half.

    Crazily the best item we have came free with the cot and it is his changing mat, he hates his play gym and bouncy chair but loves lying on his changing mat!!!! Hopefully he will get some use out of them later on though as he is only 8 weeks so could learn to like them yet.x
  • We were given a lovely wicker moses basket from John Lewis and also had a basic ??30 from Argos. Far to big for the JL one but at almost 6 months we are still using the cheaper one.

    0-3 month clothes, we had quite a few of these but both my babies never really used them NB lasted so long for us (only outgrew in last month still wearing some nb stuff) but ten they went straight into 3-6 as seemed to have a massive growth spurt.

    Much preferred keeping bubs in sleepsuits in the early days as outfits just didn't seem to fit and much easier to change.

    I had a lindam night & day bottle warmer after 2 children I could prob count on 1 hand how many times it's been used as was just easier to use a jug
  • one of best things i had was a sling, i had a karri me and bubs loved being in it whilst i did me jobs.

    bath used for a couple of months then friend bought summer bath seat which is bit like a hammock in bath (not very good at describing) means hands free. once grow out of that, a bath seat thing think by safety first not sure but got from tesco was amazing as bubs could sit upright safely, spin himself round and play with his toys. (both cost around 10 pound)

    wish i had got the swaddling robes for night as i was forever trying to fold blankets (not very well)
    sleeping bags are good after that

    i liked a combination of sleepsuits and day outfits for baby, but day outfits were like the knitted baby grows etc, looked gorgeous and comfy, little trousers looked wierd and uncomfy.

    jumperoo when older are fab got mine second hand but now know how good it is is worth the full price!

    we used crib rather than moses basket which i think was prob better as easier to control temp, good air flow. could rock baby to sleep, and lasts bit longer age wise.

    easyfix base for car seat, meant didnt have to do car seat fastners, then the main car seat whilst i was stood in rain!! and easy to take bubs in and out of car, although only used car seat on pram for short journeys and baaby prefered carry cot. expensive tho.

    glad we waited to decorate nursery till knew if boy or girl as i feel it will last him for longer now, also curtains are plain blue so when he grows out of the set now and wants something bigger dont have to change everything.

    erm will think what else!!

  • So many clothes!! lol

    She was only in them two seconds and I had far too much! Because of the all the lovely outfits she had as presents I have dressed her every day since she was born so only use sleepsuits at night and had far too many!!! I ended up giving a huge bag away with freecycle when she was only about 8 weeks!

    Think that's about it really - we didn't go overboard buying things and were lucky to have items lent to us e.g. Moses basket - although had I bought one Id have been a bit miffed as it only lasted 5-6 weeks as lo was such a fidget bum!!! lol.


  • I bought far too many blankets in every size and think I only actually used one!

    My absolute best buy was the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat with base, made life so easy. HTH xx
  • An absolute godsend were sock-ons, saved me spending a fortune replacing lost socks!!
  • i cant get the hang of sock ons. we bought cotton wool everytime we went shopping while pregnant and we have almost used the last of it now (dd is 4 months) as you use it to wash babies eyes, nose, ears, mouth at the start of bath time, but for nappy time we use cheeky wipes too.
    we have this bath and she still uses it (again she's 91st centile too so not small amnd still fits fine)

    if that doesnt work its a tippi toes mini bath
  • hi,

    i agree re lots of cotton wool as its all i use with plain water when changing my baby (i have reuseable nappies and resuable wipes for poo poo time) i also only use plain water in her bath and oilve oil for when her skin is a bit dry and while i didnt buy any toiletries we got loads as gifts and these wont get used....

    my DD is 7 weeks old and had about 10 pairs of shoes in 0-3 months (gifts mainly) but she has quite small feet so im hoping she will get some wear out of them but i have to say i like dressing her in outfits (but she has too many of these as i bought quite alot and then got loads as presents) so while she may not get them all on im trying to get everything on at least once which is a shame - i find sleepsuits more of a waste of money as i only dress her in these to sleep in so dont need as many as i have which is about 12 lol!

    i really like my cuddle dry robe as its so nice to cuddle her from a bath while keeping her nice and snug - we just bought a cheap baby bath from asda as i take her in with me usually but that was a bit of a waste as while we have been using it every night she has now outgrown it already.

    i have avent bottles and the bottle warmer came in the pack or else i would have said that was a waste of money too as she likes her bottles really cool and takes cartons of ready made when out straight from the carton and doesnt seem to like them heated....

    i have a video baby monitor which i really like and would say is worth the money (also have the tommee tippee movement sensor one whch i really like for extra reassurance) my sil bought us a moses basket which i thought would be a waste of money as i had a crib and a cot already but in the end my dd was in it in the living room with us til we went to bed and then would just carry her up with us until she was 6weeks old and then last week i started putting her down in our room after her last bottle as i found we were disturbing her sleep more but she still naps in it in the living room during the day although i dont think she'll get much longer out of it so while i thought it would be a waste of money it wasnt and im really glad she bought us it now...

    the other things people bought me which i think were a watse of money are scratch mits - we got hundreds but they are all too big apart from ones we found in boots so i have loads in the drawer and her sleepsuits for at night have the scratch mit sleeves and also baby sleping bags im personally not keen on these from a sids point of view but we got quite a few bought for us - i will prob use the bigger ones when she is a bit older but not just now, also cellular blankets i bought quite a few of them and dont need them and muslin squares although handy and i have always used them i bought too many of those too!

  • For us it was the Moses basket as lo was only in it a few weeks when she outgrew it. Also a travel system it's so bloody heavy but 10 weeks my lo had outgrown the pram bit, it was too heavy to use then just as a push chair & by 5 weeks the car seat was too heavy to lift in & out of car.

    Best buy isofix car seat base it was perfect so we never have to faff about with a seatbelt. & also our music box that plays classical music & shines stars onto ceiling lo loves it to help her sleep.

    Jayne xx
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