I need some inspiration please!

Lo id 6.5 months old, and we are going down the puree route. He has finger foods, but I'm picky as to what I give him as he still gags on pieces he breaks off. He can manage stage 3 type puree though, ie.slightly lumpy.

So he has fruit and yoghurts, and the pots of dairy dessert (which sound like yoghurts to me). Oh and he's had jelly. But what else is there (if anything) I can offer as a dessert? He does have a sweet-tooth, despite not having any teeth yet.

He could probably manage things like pancakes etc. But I'd have to mush! xx

Thanks. xx


  • Rice pudding, tapioca pudding, blancmange all spring to mind. Basically, milk puddings either with or without grains in them. Peter is having summer pudding tonight which is essentially soft bread and stewed fruit and is easily mashed up. Hope that helps.
  • Custard too is another good one x
  • Thanks for your replies.

    I wasn't sure about sugar in things, like custard and blamanche? Obviously it's different giving things with natural sugars.... xx
  • If you use powders you can vary the amount of sugar you put in. (Sorry to be brief but am typing one-handed.)
  • How about strawberries and cream (thick or whipped cream), Banaba custard (make custard using powder and use the banana to sweeten), you can get naturally sweetened jam such as Superjam and you could use this in rice pudding/semolina/tapioca. You could also have stewed fruit with custard. Oh, and homemade fruit sorbet!
    That's all I can think of now image
  • what about homemade frozen yogurt? A bit like ice cream but not a bad made with plain yog, fruit puree and a bit of cream (optional). Could also try things like bread and butter pudding. I don't think there's too much wrong with proper puddings provided they are limted and part of a healthy diet xx
  • crumbles always go down a treat here, u'd only need the tiniest bit of sugar as fruit is generally sweet anyway....banana bread is good for a finger food pudding, or mush up with some cream or custard....JELLY! everyone likes jelly, could make it with some real fruit pieces in so its textured then too. xx
  • Thank you. image xx
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