Having a nightmare!

Hi ladies,

Any help or similar experiences would be great.

Ellis is 10 weeks now & up until a week & half ago he had loved his bottles. He is now refusing feeds & its getting worst. I saw the GP before we went away last week & she gave him baby gaviscon as he starts off the bottles fine but after winding he wont take anymore & screams when we try to give it too him. She said it sounds like silent reflux. Gaviscon worked okish but it made him constipated so we stop that. I have tried Dr Brown bottles & he has Infacol before every feed. He should be having roughly 780mls a day but we have been struggling to get him to take 500mls over the last few days & so far today he has only taken 300mls of milk & 40mls of water. Other than the feeding issue he is happy in himself, smiling & playing as normal. He even started sleeping through the night when we was away so thats another feed he misses out on. He has a dream feed at 11pm & I woke up on purpose to try & do this again at 3am this morning but he was out for the count, nothing would wake him.

I have another GP appoinment booked for monday but Im so worried about how much/little milk he is taking over the weekend that I really dont no what to do xxx

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  • I had something similar with my little man. I was given gaviscon, and it did work for a bit.

    But it could also be teething? I know it sounds a little early but could possibly be.

    Hope the doctor has some good advice for you.
  • Thanks hun. He is a tiny little bit better today but not taking anywhere near enough what he should. I just hope he isnt in too much pain. Not looking forward to the judgemental H/V weighing him tomorrow xxx
  • Freddie is 8 weeks and he too is not having as much milk anymore, just doesn't seem interested, took him to the doctors and he said don't worry if he is hungry he will feed, not very helpful at all.x
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