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still in with a chance or clutching at straws??

If I got a + opk on the sun/mon should I have counted tue as 1dpo? As I've just read u ov upto 72hrs after + so I could possibly have not ov'd until say wed which would have meant thu would av been 1dpo? .. Sorry I'm rambling, I hope this makes sense. Is it possible I've counted 1dpo too soon as if I have it would nake me 11dpo today instead of the 13 which I'd originally thought which may mean I'm still in wiv a chance. Haven't tested today but yest was a bfn! But if dates wrong it would have been too soon.
Am I just clasping at straws here? Xxx

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  • fertility friend counts my dpo as the day after +! im on dpo 9 but dont think we have done it this month!!!
    i stupidly tested this morning and BFN so feeling abit down now!!

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  • Unless your charting your temps you really don't know when you ovulate!
    I couldn't tell you how many dpo am I!! I got a +ve on Sunday and fertility friend said I was ovulating on the Monday but on the Wednesday I found I had ewcm when I had been dry from Sunday onwards!
    I actually think I ovulated on the Tuesday which is the one day we didn't bd.
    I would say fingers crossed & don't give up until af appears!!!

  • I've felt down for last few days after getting the bfn's but today I resisted the urge to poas, was bloody hard though! Think as I don't know when I'm due on its harder cos I have no date to get to! Gonna test again tomorrow. CD42!! X. Good luck Kelly and congrats again Mrs Waggy x
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