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so I caved...updated again

and tested just now at 10dpo. AF is due thurs but feeling different last few days and though AF was coming early as has normally been 28 days which would be thursday but last month was 25. was in sainsbury this morning and bought two of their tests. i didnt use fmu but there is a line, can see it when hold it away and it came up within 10 mins (not sure how long it took). not sure if it took too long to come up tho n is a evap line, its very faint, im guessing its an evap line image

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I got my BFP today on a CBD 1-2 weeks. also did a boots test yesterday morning and a good line came up within 2 mins. so nice to see it in words though x

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  • its not that faint, would an evap line be stronger than a BFP? think ill test in the morning with fmu before work. last 2 days have had achy feelings in stomach, slightly sore boobs n headaches, just hoping im not ss! got a sd in my drawer, think ill use that. thanks 4 ure reply x
  • Ooooo do it tomorrow with fmu!! I really hope this is it! Xx
  • dont know how to do it, havent taken a pic of it. i cant wait till tomorrow morning, only got one test, thought had another x
  • Sounds like it this is it SE! I will give you congrats now image

    I am 9dpo according to FF, although I think I might be 8 - but I tested this morning and not even a hint of a line! Oh well I will wait it out a few more days. :\)

    Hope I can join you all......
  • whats the difference between a bfp and an evap line? i reckon it was def there within 5 mins and its pink. dont have to squint to see it. its that that makes me thinks its an evap line, as surely wouldnt get much of a line at 10 dpo. going to test at 5:30 in the morning when I get up tomorrow with fmu. trying not to allow myself to think its a BFP. hubby asked what I want for my birthday earlier, I honestly cant think of anything other than a baby x
  • ohhh i hope this is it for you hunni!!! i did one this morn 9dpo and nothing!! feeling abit crap today! abit emotional!! went mad at hubby for not getting the right kitchen roll when we went shopping! and that is not like me!!! feel really bloated and back ache at bottom of back!!!! image
  • That's what my line was like!! Pink and there but faintly!
    Oooo I will be on here early tomo to see your bfp!!
  • feel like I have no PMA and even with FMU how will I know its not an evap line. ill try n get on after work if dont manage before. I dont tend to have long in the mornings. mondays are long long days for me!
  • G/C from DIM to say that evap lines don't have any colour to them. Only preg lines are pink. Also, I had a non squinty BFP at 10DPO, it can happen. Good luck hun xxx
  • thanks for everyones replies. at the moment im trying to pretend i havent tested, although i havent had a glass of wine just in case. felt like saturday I had loads of symptoms, dull stomach aches and sore boobs. today nothing. going to test in morning, when i will be 11 dpo. fingers crossed x
  • morning girls. feel gutted this morning. i got up and using fmu nothing within the 3 minute window and now got no tests left image hardly slept with excitement that this could be it. thanks for your messages x
  • ((Hugs)). I got exactly same on superdug one then got nothing again! Now approx 14dpo - CD42 and still bfn. Grrrr to long cycles and bfn's!
    Rememer your not out till af
  • Not over til the witch sings hun....keep up the PMA, your BFP could still come! x
  • Double post, sorry!

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  • awww hun sorry i would wait a little while and do it again when af is late!!! i really hope this is it for you hun xxxx that line was quite dark for a evap line!!!! i tested aswell and BFN 10dpo now gunna test on thursday but not holding out much hope!! xxxx
  • hi. I tried a sd test yesterday and sainsbury today. the line yesterday was quite obvious but must have been evap line. i showed ellies mummy, she could see it on a phone pic so wasnt that faint. got no tests so prob wont test till thursday now. no pma, feel gutted! x
  • Ah SE, I agree with KA - it's proabably just the test not being sensitive enough hun, you said the line you saw was pink so that is not an evap line as evap lines are not coloured, they look like an indent. Good luck for when you test again, I hope you'll see your good strong bfp. I know how you feel though I'm 10dpo and got a bfn this morning :cry:
  • mite not test till thursday as thats when im next off and can go and get a test. the line was deffo pink, i just dont know what to think! its so stressful aint it! think im 11dpo today. wish i was near a superdrug. fingers crossed for all of us x
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