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is it normal to get BFN at 10dpo

hey girls just wanted abit of advice im 10dpo today and did a test and BFN and feel really down now! is it quite normal to get a BFN at 10dpo? im really worried i am out now! i have had no signs at all apart from creamy cm from about 7dpo! :\(

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  • Hi hon,

    Sorry you feel down it's poo isn't it? Dont worry though maybe you just have a shy bean, thats the only problem with all these early pg tests it gives us ttc ladies days of worrying!!!!!! just leave it a couple of days and try testing again hon , it's not over yet!
  • i know i just feel abit rubbish then that made it worse why do we do it to ourselves??? is it right though that implantation occurs at 6-10dpo? maybe its not happened yet! seems unlikley! wish af would just show up and put me out of my missery!!!!i have just read that some women get BFP at 10dpo but very faint!!! :image
  • hi, i got a bfn at 10 dpo and a bfp at 11dpo so your definatly still in with a chance! good luck!!!!

    ashy x
  • thank you so much for that ashy!! was there no line at all at dpo??and was it quite dark at 11dpo? pma slowly going up!!! xxx
  • Ah honey don't worry or get down, 10dpo is still early, if the egg has only implanted and hcg doubles every 2-3 days it wouldn't even show up on a hpt yet.
    Wait and see if af turns up or test in a few more days, I'm keeping my hopes up for you!!! Xxxx
  • i really hope so mrs waggy! xxxxx
  • I'm same no pma what so eva! Convinced myself I must av worked my dates out and I'm not as many dpo as I thought but got another bfn today. Just wish if I'm not pregnant af would show up then I can startt again!

    CD42 an counting!! Good luck Hun.x
  • Same here Ellie I tested today too and BFN! I'm also 10dpo - here's hopeing for shy beans for both of us, I'm now feeling very
  • i got a bfn at 10dpo and a v v v faint line at 11 dpo!

    ashy xx
  • thanks for replying girls its so hard to keep the pma up when you give in and test and its a BFN its heartbreaking! i know what you all mean though its not over till the witch rears her ugly head!!! i think i will hold off now until thurs 13dpo (hubbys birthday!!) and test again! dreamt of giving him the test as a present! really hope it turns out bfp for us all! keep getting weird pulling sensations near where my right ovary is!only very slight. not painfull though!!! strange!!
    baby on board you are same dpo as me then fingers crossed for us all !! xxxxx
  • fingers crossed for you! hopefully just a shy one x
  • so exited have you test again?? was it completely blank??
  • not tested since this morning as dont have any tests and been out all day. it wasnt completely blank but didnt come up within the required time. was about 10 mins so looks like evap again x
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