Another cm question ladies, sorry!!

Hi ladies, I don't think I have any image when bding I have never had any probs in that dept, never needed any lube, if anything sometimes a mop (sorry tmi)! But during the day or at times when not bding I have nothing, I am a couple of days before ovulation and I don't appear to have any mucus, any ideas ladies, sorry for the tmi! Xxx


  • I have been having this prob this month, but normally I do have some. Do you drink enough because dehydration can be a prob? I have heard that grapefruit juice, evening primrose oil and cough syrup can help increase and improve you CM. Some women just don't 'see' a lot of CM. Have you looked at you cervix? I am a bit uncomfortable about checking my cervix but I think if you poke around up there you might get a better idea of whether you have any. We are trying preseed this month, which is handy with my current lack of CM! You could givevthat a go.. X
  • Oops double post:lol:

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  • have you tried checking your cervix for any, it may just be it doesnt travel down enough for it to be obvious, you could try some preseed or zesistca (sp?)
  • Thank you for your reply! Have been drinking loads of grapefruit juice, also trying preseed this month too. Just worried because it's supposed to be a good sign and I can't ever remember having it image stuck a finger up there yesterday (nice! Tmi!) and was damp but not wet at all. If I'm only two days away from ovulation I should prob have something by now surely? Xxxx
  • Hi I just posted something similliar, I do have cm, lots of it, always quite wet(sorry) but I don't think I get ewcm??????? I have fallen pg before but ended in mc so I must have it..... Just never notice it. Not sure how much of a problem it is?????
  • I don't think everyone gets EWCM. I think for some people it is just 'wet' as you described. But I am not really sure.
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