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All highs, no peak and now back to lows :(


First month of using CBFM and that's me back to a low reading today and I've not had my peak. Thought I was CD24 but I'm on CD25.

Started bleeding yesterday (brown CMish stuff that comes before AF, sorry TMI) but that seems to have stopped. Not hopeful, she's probably on her way.

PMA down the ruddy toilet!


  • Gatecrashing from Due in Nov but I had a similar problem. I would get loads of highs before a peak. I also used the CBD opks which were always a bit more accurate, I think. CBFM may have missed a peak as it happened in the evening. Did the lines on the sticks get darker? Next month maybe lie to your CBFM so that your test dates are later?

    It's so frustrating, isn't it?! Hang on in there - I got my latest bfp (1st 2 ended in mc) after giving up on the CBFM and using the CBD opks ... the CBFM was good for teaching me about my cycles but it got to the stage where it wasn't telling me anything I didn't know. I found using OPKs was good to confirm my suspicions but didn't cause the stress that the CBFM did x
  • I think this is quite common on your first month as the machine is still gettingh used to what's a high for you and what's a peak (if that makes sense). Like Becca, I got my BFP the month I didn't use the CBFM (although because of previous months it had taught me pretty much when to expect ov).

    And Becca! Can't believe you are that far along already - and with a pinky! Congrats! xxxx
  • there are 2 things that could have happend, you may not have oved yet and if you have used 20 sticks it automatically goes back to lows if you havent oved in the 20 sticks worth, or it has not picked it up and you have already?

    unfortunatly it a waiting game now to see if it missed it or it just hasnt happened, have you got any OPKs to continue with?
  • Try not to worry hun, this is quite normal for the 1st mth of using your cbfm, it happens to a lot of women on the 1st mth! Or as piggypops said you may just not have ov yet!
    Next month you will see those peaks!!! Good luck xxxx
  • Thank you ladies image

    Beccaroo I have to admit that I didn't really look at the blue lines! I've vaguely kind of noticed them getting a bit lighter over the past few days but I can't be sure because I didn't really look at them properly. It is frustrating! I think you're right though, if anything it's going to help me learn about my cycles.

    Kayecee I hope you're right and it'll pick up a peak next month! I was banking on this bloody machine :lol:

    Piggypops come to think of it I think that would be me finished my 20 sticks worth. I don't have OPKs to continue with but I'm back to getting the brownish CM stuff (sorry TMI) so I guess I'll just have to wait and see if this turns into full blown AF. On the plus side at least my cycle has shortened again if it is (by nearly 2 weeks compared to last months 37 day cycle)!

    Thank you Debbie,,,I'm looking forward to next month already! Taa for the reassurance

  • Tinkerbell I used a cbfm for the first time last month and had exactly the same as you! Highs from cd8 so got so excited but then 20 sticks laster it went straight back to low!
    This month I am going to temp alongside cbfm just in case it isn't right for me! Have joined fertility friend and it's great so far!
    As I'm a few days ahead of you I will try and do a topic to let you know if I get a high this month (or positive on temping)
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