Zita West Visualisation CD

Hi ladies

Just after your opinions, thoughts and experiences!

I have now hit the one year mark TTC, which i understand is not long compared to some people.

So, as you do, I have been googling a lot.... and reading, I have already read the baby making bible which has a holistic approach, ie accupncture, visualisations (i too have been thinking about accupuncture, but worry abut the cost).

Anyway, I have been looking on the Zita West Website, and noticed there are some CDs which help you to visualise, and think positivvely about TTC, she also has one for IVF.

Hubby thinks i am being a complete mug, and that it is a complete waste of money, but i have just got some birthday money which i can use.

So what do you think? Yay or Nay - have any of you tried the CDs? and what did you think? Am i just being a mug and falling hook line and sinker for the TTC stuff the preys on people like me desperate to become a mummy!?

thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    Have you tried reflexology as an alternative to acupunture?

    I think some things you do have to be careful about. Im not sure about the visualisation CD but it may help you to focus more as I assume it is like guided meditation? I guess anything is worth a shot. At least you can say you tried it!

    I sometimes visualise myself as being pregnant or depending on whereabouts I am in my cycle I visualise the egg being released, being fertilised by the sperm and then implanting. (I'm a bit away with the fairies!).

    Good luck and lots of babydust to you! xx
  • tee hee - i am well away with the fairies! Thank you for replying.
    I have not tried reflexology though and willlook into it.
    I think the theory is it helps you to think more positively.

    Have you tried reflexology Squirrel82?
  • hiya i have the cd (have been ttc for ages too and you get desperate!) and i used it for a month then got bored! Not sure about helping you conceive but i did find it v relaxing and even fell asleep a couple of times at 4 in the afternoon while using it!
  • Hi disneyprincess

    I am on my fourth reflexology session. Luckily my mum is a reflexologist. I just find it really relaxing. I know my mum has treated two people who were having trouble trying to conceive and after a few treatments they fell pregnant.

    I think reflexology can help to regulate your cycles, balance your system and remove any energy blocks to help things flow more easily! They do say it can benefit men as well, but my OH won't do anything like that so it's no point in asking him!

    If you log onto Association of Reflexologists I think you are able to search for a therapist in your area.

    Good luck x
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