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Here, we go again...likely bighted ovum this time

Hi Ladies, i'm not ttc but I know from experience this is an unfortunately busy forum. I mmc'd in Apr this year and had erpc, after 1 af I fell pregnant again and am currently 10+2. I went for an early scan on Tuesday and they found that my sac had grown but could find no sign of a fetus. I previously had a scan where they found one measuring 3.5mm and the mw isn't holding out much hope for me. She thinks the baby may have stopped developing and reabsorbed itself. I'm completely devastated and actually don't quite believe it yet so haven't been too bad. I'm going for a departmental scan on Monday for them to dooub;e check as I have huge cysts that are stopping them from being able to see anything in a normal scan.

I'm not getting my hopes up and know i'm going to get confirmation of another mc on Monday, I just wondered if anybody has had this before? I don't want another erpc and I definately don't want the tablets so am going to go down the natural route. What will the bleeding be like? As the fetus has disappeared what will need to come out and is it going to be painful? I'm sorry that answering this will bring back awful memories but if anyone possibly could help me? I'm terrified of not knowing whats going to happen. I can't even grieve yet because i'm too worried about my own pain, how selfish.

Thank you if anyone has any advice. This forum was the only thing that got me through last time, not to be rude but I didn't want to come back!xx


  • Hi hun. I don't have any advice but just wanted to send my love and say im going through the same thing at the minute.
    I was told on tuesday that it looks like I have a blighted ovum and they want to scan me again next week but its unlikely there will be any change.

    I suffered a MMC in may and had a D&C and now ondering what other options there are.

    I can't believe that we are both back here again. Its so unfair and I can't quite believe it :cry:

    Sorry for the rambling just wanted you to know im here if you want to email me.

    (((hugs))) xxxx
  • Hi, I replied to your last post, but didn't want to read and run on this one. So sorry you are going through this. I can't help with the natural miscarrriage as I too opted for the ERPC, back in March of this year. Just wanted to say thinking of you and I'm sure there are lots of ladies that can help you through this. Take care. Zxx
  • Hi there. So so sorry that you are finding yourself back in this forum with us. This shouldnt happen once, never mind twice. Its heartbreaking. I know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel any better, but Im thinking of you. As for MC naturally, it happened to me in July. I bled for 2 1/2 weeks, passing baby at the end. the bleeding was awful at the end, lots of clots etc. I found it harder because up till the end the baby had a hb and was growing. As soon as sac etc passed the bleeding stopped almost immediately. Fortunately for me I didnt have a lot of pain. Normal cramps that I occassionally took paracetamol for, but nothing worse. I found the experience very traumatic and would have chosen to go to hospital for erpc if I could have. I didnt have a choice because up to the last minute my baby was still alive. Again, im so so sorry you are here, and as you know, we are all here for you. Look after yourself. Wish I could say something to comfort you. Tracy xx
  • Hi,
    I know exactly how you feel, as we have gone through exactly the same, two mmc and had to have D&C's with both ( neither hurt) . What seemed to make it harder was that everybody around you seemed to find getting pregnant so easy and would try to be helpful by saying stupid things..at least you can get pregnant. After 2 our area refers for the blood tests which all came back negative but it was decided that for any future pregnancy I would take baby aspirin and also progesterone pessaries as my cycle was a long 42 days. At this point I was unsure if I could face going through it all again and as i was 37 my time was limited. But, we did try again and it was really hard as you will know the feelings when you find out you are pregnant again, no excitement just a sense it will all happen again. But do try and stay positive ( my consultant told me it was really important)and now I only have 9 weeks to go... so there can be light at the end of that very long dark tunnel!!. And use these forums for support as they are brill..Big hugs and lots of luck XX
  • Hi Kwn,

    With my natural mc in late March/Early April, I wasn't even certain that I'd mc'd until a few days after the bleeding stopped when I had my third scan, as it wasn't massively painful, and the bleeding was sort of normal period (everyone else mc'ing at the same time seemed to be soaking through pads in 30 mins, and mine was never like that).

    I was only 7 weeks, so you are further on, but the midwife did say that for some people, at lot is reabsorbed, so not everyone bleeds a lot. I also don't remenber any clots etc, which is the main reason I was hopeful it wasn't an mc.

    I had one evening where the cramps were bad - I just curled up on my bed and whimpered, till the paracetamol took the edge of, but after that I only had mild cramps mid-afternoon.

    Hopefully your next scan will be better! Thinking of you, Lxx
  • Guys I am so sorry to all three of you back over here, life just is not fair. I can't imagine the pain you are all going through right now, I think second time round must be just awful as you kinda know what to expect. I really though you had all left us and moved on to enjoy your pregnancy, I really am so so sorry, please hold on to every last bit of hope, but if it is bad news then I will be here for you all, I am still holding onto the fact that one day I will have my family and I will be all the stronger for having gone through to get it......
    Hoping and praying for good news for you all. Love D x
  • Thanks 3054. Will keep you all posted after our scan tues. Zxx
  • really sorry to hear that you guys are going through this again. I too lost another baby after my mmc in April, i had an ovarian ectopic in July. 5 weeks on i am feeling much stronger, and i didn't think i would. It is amazing our ability to pick ourselves up after lifes cruel twists.

    kwn - i can't comment on a natural mc as i opted for the tablets with mine in April. I found it the best option for me. I would imagine it is less traumatic than a natural mc as you are pretty much assured of what to expect and are monitored. I also got back to a normal cycle straight away.
    It is a personal choice though.
    I am so sorry for you.

    My friend who had 2 mc was told to take asprin while ttc with her 3rd and was 3rd time lucky! I am starting taking asprin as we are going to TTC again.

    Hoping that your next scans give you something more positive.

  • Hi Kwn, huni im so sorry your back in here, I keep coming in to see if I can offer support and knowledge from my experience. I had a mmc in May at 12 weeks and although slightly different from a blighted ovum, my miscarriage was eventually natural over a 3 day period. I had a foetus that was 23.4mm still inside with sac and placenta. So when I had my miscarriage it was extremely painful as my cervic was dilating this took three days until my waters broke on the sunday at 5pm.. I was on the floor in agony and my hubby had to call an ambulance as there was so much blood, so they put me on gas and air, it was so traumatic for me and still haunts me to this day. it will probably be different with you hun and maybe more like a period but I would ask your midwife this question as everyone is different. I was far on last time.
    I cant beleive how cruel life is and I really do hope that this isnt the case for you. it is so horrible, I remember just waiting all weekend as I was due to be rescanned on monday and I was in denial but kinda knew at bottom of my heart that I was going to lose the baby and it was awful. Im so sorry hun.

  • Thanks everyone and so sorry to those of you also back here. Babylove, you're a little behind me so hoping that for you it's just too soon to see anything. I've read loads on the internet and miscarriage association support and they say that you should never be diagnosed with a blighted ovum until at least 8 weeks, hopefully on tuesday you'll get your good news. With me i'll be 10+6 on monday so I know theres not much hope for me, a baby should definately be showing up so i'm just going along really for the confirmation.

    I woke this morning with awful period pains, especially around my lower back so I think i'm going to miscarry soon. I'm carrying on as normal though as I know when it starts i'll be a mess. We're going out for a meal tonight for a friends birthday and they don't know i'm pregnant and if I don't drink they'll ask the inevitable as last time we saw them I wasn't drinking as was pregnant then. I think i'm going to have a glass of wine and make it last all night, I know i'm still pregnant but I also know that it won't change the outcome, I feel like drinking a whole bottle i'm so unhappy! I won't do though, one small glass will be enough to take the edge off and stop any awkward questions.

    Thanks everyone for your replies and sorry that in answering you are reliving your own nitemares. This should never happen once, nevermind multiple times and yes 3054 when we have our babies it will make it all the more special that we've worked extra hard for it.

    Love and hugs to everyone xx
  • Oh kwn I just want to cry out for you. I can feel how your feeling just with your post! It's trully awful, please take care and we will all be here for no matter what happens. Don't let the epu fob you of either. With me they kept saying is it heavier than a period, just stay at home. If it gets painful Hun you should go in. Take care. Will be thinking about you. Hugs x x x
  • I'm so so sorry that you're going through this again, that you all are, and so sorry that you've had to come back here.

    I had an mmc at 12 wks and had erpc, I really can't imagine what you are all going through, this shouldn't be happening again, my heart just aches for you.

    I have my fingers tightly crossed you get some good news and all turns out ok. If the worst does happen, I really hope that it is quick and painless for you.

    There's nothing to say that can be any comfort, I hope your OH is looking after you, we're here if you need us. Thinking of you, take care xxx
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