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Struggling with breastfeeding- will my milk ever come in???



  • should have said earlier are his nappies like curry?? if so then milk is deffo in as you cant have dirty curry nappies without breastmilk, thats what my mw told me to look for she said if they go a bit greeny then he is getting too much foremilk but if nice and yellow curry then the hind is getting through - re the boulder mine never went like this either as ds2 fed so much they never got a chance to be like that lol
  • Posting a bit late but just wanted to say congratulations for your perserverence! Breastfeeding can be so difficult and you've done really well to stick at it through a tough, unnerving week! I hope it gets easier for you both from here on! Well done again x
  • dollywotsit is right re growth spurts there are more ay 4 6 and 8 weeks too so if he seems to be 'on you' all the time this is normal (usually only lasts about 48 hours at each spurt xx
  • Hi, Just a quick reply. Dont worry that your (.Y.) dont feel full. Mine never did and I bf my ds for 13 months!! I also never leaked! It took what seemed like ages for my milk to come in nut my iron levels were v low which is why. I didnt get the hard boobs or soreness like everyone told me I would. I remember the worry like it was yesterday tho! One of my most strong memories was of my los first proper poo!! The noise !! It was everywhere and I couldn't help for laughing!!

    Anyway you are doing a fantasitc job, Well done!

    Em x
  • He has been poo-ing today- sounds explosive & looks like runny chicken curry. Does this sound right? He is still very sleepy & takes me ages to get him to latch on at times. Think he is just a typical lazy boy lol. xx
  • to the poo yes and yeas sounds just perfect lol and lol at lazy boy sounds about right blow gently on his wee face if it helps xx
  • Yay! All sounding good! Well done.

    everyone keeps saying that my boobs should be like boulders & really really tender but thats not been the case

    Was never the case for me and I have/am bf two babies! I only used breast pads for the first 4 weeks and they were rarely soaked when I did. I quite often worry I'm not producing enough of the good stuff as I never see or feel any of it! - but my LOs weight gain says I am (and so will yours). Trust your body and your LO - if he's happy, all is good! :\)
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