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Hi girls!

Not sure if you remember me I haven't posted for a month or so. I had a faint bfp last month before bleeding, so I've been trying hard not to get my hopes up this month.

My bbt chart is triphasic (for those that don't chart it's when your temps rise another level after cd6/7 ish when implantation would occur and is to do with extra progesterone that occurs during pregnancy, it's supposed to be a very good sign) I haven't had the usual terrible spots on my chin, barely any cramps, just shooting pains instead.My bb's are LESS painful than they usually are pre-af :\?

Also nausea and food aversions the past couple of days. My sense of smell has also become super sensitive, I knew it was raining earlier because I could smell it! I'm really trying not to get over excited but I can't help it! Just wanted to share. Oh and I got married on Monday! imageimageimage



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