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Feeling lucky!!! (also in ttc)

Hi ladies image
Think this may be my month!!

Last friday at 7DPO had bad pains all day and was sure AF was arriving a week early!!
Then my boobs seemed to be getting bigger, i got 2 new bra's in my normal size and my boobs started not fitting in them!!
Then started feeling sick pretty much all day everyday, which wasnt very nice.
Then getting hungry and then going off food.
Also been getting quite a bit of CM which i dont usually get when AF is on the way, i kinda dry up lol.
I usually a 25-28 day cycle, didnt come on early and am now 1 day late for AF!!
Got no period pains at all and no signs of it at all.
Am feeling rather lucky, but not holding my breath too much or getting too excited as may just be late.
Am going to buy a test later if still no sign and see what it says.
Really hoping this is my month as i want a baby so so bad!

Good luck to all you ladies hoping for their BFP image


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