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I'm confused...pls help!!

Hi ladies
This month is going to b my 1st month off ttc but i need help working out when 1st day of my cycle was!! thing is i had light brown spotting fri & sat (fri was day 29 of my cycle) then yesterday i started my 'proper' period lol!! will fri b day 1 of my cycle or sun??

Thanks in advance xxxx


  • I think CD1 is when the 'proper flow' starts. So probably Sunday. I'm sure other people will give you more advice though! HTH x
  • hey hun i had brown discharge on friday and sat aswell then full flow yesterday!!! so fertility friend counted yest as cd1! you will be on same cycle day as me!!! im cd2 today!
  • Excellant ellies mummy, u can b my ttc buddy image ..how long is your cycle normally? mine is between 28-31 days so not all that regular but i think i ov round day 14-15.
    Thanks for the advice ladies xxxx
  • hey happy mummy1980 i would love to have you as a cycle buddie!!! i came off pill on 8th july, then had my withdrawl on 11th july for 4 days. we then started ttc so my last cycle was 33 days but it may change slightly as i had only just come off the pill. i hope i ov earlier this time i ov'd last month on day 19 so hopefully will be abit earlier!!! i hated the 2ww last time so i am determined to do everything i can this month!!! i refuse aswell to test early as i tested about 8 times last cycle and all BFN's was upsetting!! xxx
  • Awww hun, hopefully we will both fall in aug!! me & hubby had a scare few months back & even though i didn't want to b preg at the time i was still gutted when i got a BFN!!
    Is this #2 for u aswell? we already have a ds who is 21 months old & gorgeous image , he's gonna make such a fab big bro!!
    Now the wait is on for AF to pack her bags lol!!
    heres to some may babies for us hun xxxx
  • awww i hope soo! yes we have a little girl she has downs and is my little star she will make shuch a great big sis she is always playing with herdalls and says shhhh its alright and gives it a kiss and cuddle think she would love some company now!!
    i really hope this is a lucky month for us!! xxxx
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