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PMA thread, what will you miss when pregnant?

runn eggs is a big one for me and the odd glass of vino!


  • oooh gotta be all the shellfish... cockles mussels prawns etc cos I love that kind of fish!!!!
  • Soft boiled, poached, fried eggs for sure... and all the stinky mouldy yummy cheeses...
  • Wine! It will be so obvious when I get my bfp that I won't be able to hide it from anyone- the minute I decline a glass of vino everyone will know why as it doesn't happen very often!
  • Sorry- deleted as added twice somehow!

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  • Blue cheese and pate.

    You gals are making me worry about my last pregnancy though, cos I ate plenty of prawns and poached eggs. I didn't know you had to avoid those. I thought as long as they were cooked thoroughly they were OK. MissG seems to be OK as a result!!

    Missed Mulled Wine at Christmastime.

  • It's only runny eggs and apparently its quite a new 'caution' too.

    I'm the same with wine londonlass. I'll raise suspicion the second I turn down a glass of wine... x
  • def wine... i don't drink at all when pregs but the weird thing is I craved it sooo much when expecting dd - not nearly as much as when I'm not pregs!!!

    i'll miss seeing my feet and defined ankles :lol:
  • wine, pate, soft mouldy cheese, runny eggs, nuts! basically my daily diet!

    but i still reeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyy want to be pregnant!! lol

  • Wine and pate and deli meats (you know cold cuts, ham turkey etc. - supposedly you're supposed to heat them so there is no chance of salmonella - that is the concern with the runny eggs too but as long as the shell of the egg isn't cracked salmonella from an egg is unlikely :\) ) - so if this is a PMA thread I am going to do all of those things to excess this month as I will have my BFP in 4 weeks!!! image
  • you are allowed prawns, its just oily fish like shark etc your not allowed.
    I wont miss anything because i dont really drink, maybe once at christmas etc so no biggie for me and as for runny eggs, well i ate them in both my other pregnancys, also ate nuts etc and had stilton sauce over steak one night, im a believer in moderation, everything in moderation is my moto. x
  • Parma ham! I gave in and had some last time I was pregnant then worried about it for days.
  • mmmmm stilton yum yum x
  • nothing at all,i cant wait to be pregnant again and id gladly give it all up image
  • Wine at Christmas time! Oh and the idea of putting on the weight I've lost doesn't fill me with joy :lol: want a baby more than anything though! Nothing will change my mind! x
  • Hotdogs, runny eggs and sleeping on my belly! X

  • Prawns, runny eggs, pate and vino. Though obviously will be pleased to exchange all of these for a bfp.Didn't know about deli meats-aagh!!

    Lolly x
  • All the yummy puddings that have lightly whipped raw egg - nyom nyom! But, like everyone else - would give it all up today for a BFP.
  • hmmmm, I do like runny eggs. I will miss sleep (I had so many sleepless nights when I was pregnant last time) and Zumba!!
    Wine doesnt really bother me as I dont really drink very often. I will miss brie but im dieting at the mo so dont really eat it much now anyway.
  • Alcohol!!! I don't know how I am gonna hide my BFP, have got a hen night and a wedding all in the next few weeks, so people are going to question the fact that I'm not drinking. Oh and horse riding!
  • Not pg yet but it will be the wine and cheese I suspect. I almost hope I get enough nausea that I don't fancy them anyway (mind you, I say that now...)

    Didn't even realise runny eggs and parma ham were off the menu now, meh.
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