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Headaches in early pregnancy.

Yesterday I had a headache that was really uncomfortable and caused a throbbing feeling whenever I stood up or walked up the stairs. I went to bed to try and sleep it off, but I've woken up with it again this morning-has anybody else had this?xx


  • Hi, G/C from DID, I had these for about a month in early pregnancy, was a nightmare as I normally never get headaches. Thankfully they did pass and by about 15-16 weeks they were nowhere to be seen.
    Hope you dont get these for too long and are feeling a bit better now xxx
  • Yes, they are very common, I had them all the time, thankfully not so often now at 19 weeks.

    Rest and drinking plenty of water should help, and if all else fails, as said above, paracetamol is safe in pregnancy.
  • Oh they are awful hun I have been getting these, I drink loads of water and rest as much as I can x
  • I'm 25+4 and get headaches 1 to 2 times per week. I hate it and paracetemol do nothing!
  • Wow, I didnt realise they were so common in pregnancy!! Mine has faded a bit this afternoon, but is still there a little bit, hopefully it'll go away completely soon!xx
  • Hey, yep I've been suffering from a lot of headaches too, some weeks I have headache more days than not. They did ease off a few weeks ago but they were bad again last week. I have the week off work at the moment so I'm hoping to have a headache free week!!

    H x 15+3
  • I had the worst headaches for the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, they were torture and it got to the point where I phoned my midwife in tears. She told me that they are very common in early pregnancy and caused by all the hormones. She told me to make sure I drank as much as I possibly could and I tried to get extra liquids from eating lots of melon and ice lollies too! I also used the 4Head strips that you can buy in chemists - they didn't take the pain away but they did ease it so are worth a try.
    I hope they go away for you soon hun.
    HMS 33+1 xx
  • Unfortunately they are all too common. I suffered until about 19 weeks with horrendous headaches that ended up making me feel really sick. Try not to let yourself get too hungry as this seems to make them worse. Paracetamol can help as can a cold flannel on your forehead. They do pass!

    Liz x
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