I'm turning into a crazy baby lady

CD4...not even close to being preggers and I bought my first ever baby item today.

It's a little bodysuit from Next that says "I


  • You're not the only one I buy clothes now with the intention of wearing them when pg, so everything has to be babydoll style or stretchy :lol:
  • haha, i got th exact same bodysuit a few weeks ago, i was hoping to be able to give it ot hubby as an anniversary gift next week, but can't.
    It'll be good for whenever we do get the bfp tho!
    And i got some trousers in the next sale that turned out to be a 14 instead of a 12 so i save them for when i get pregnant... Hubby thinks i have too many clothes as it is, if he knew about these he's know i'd gone round the bed.
  • Hahaha BoB! Oh you've set the wheel in motion now...all my clothes are going to be maternity from now on :lol:! The OH actually pointed something out for me in the maternity section in New Look the other week...would be sweet if he was thinking ahead but he was suggesting it for a night out! Daft sod didn't realise it was maternity!

    Aaah mummy-wannabe, like I say it can be a lucky charm! Will be safely hiding it from OH because I think he'd freak if he saw that I was buying baby clothes! Will love it when I am actually preggers though image x
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