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OMG Im in shock, rational advice needed ******UPDATE BFP.x

Ok im in a flap now. I thought i ov'd over 2week ago but af never arrived so realised id got my dates muddled up. Since been off pill my cycles have been irregular anyway when i had a think i realised i must have ov'd bout 10days ago due to ewcm and stomach cramps.
This morning i poas an ebay cheapy and got a really faint line but couldnt be sure it had come up in the 5mins so did another after not drinking for hrs and i got another faint line??
I dont want to get too excited as had alot of evaps but this came up straight away??? What do you think? have i done it?? eeeeek im trying not to get excited but i cant help it.x :\?
ive tried to add pic but dont know if it will work!


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